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This is the best website for people with an Ostomy. So much understanding.

I'm new at colostomy care. Is there a best time to stop eating in the evening or late afternoon? I have no output during the day. When I wake up in the morning, I need to empty my "pouch".

I worry about constipation because I've dealt with this issue all of my life. I now use Benefiber and a colace. I am 4 weeks out of surgery. I feel wonderful, lost 20 pounds.


i would suggest that you eat smaller meals and eat more often now that you have a ostomy. i have a colostomy from cancer and in my case i AVOID fiber, i eat a high protien, low fiber, low residue diet. how is your output ? is it firm ? did your doctor or nurse mention irrigation? if not ask if you would qualify for it, its the easiest way to manage a colostomy. welcome to the forum:)

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What MMSH said...Check out irrigation and see if you can do it. I don't know what kind of colostomy you have, but you have to have either a descending or sigmoid colostomy to do it.  You have to have enough colon left to do it.   It will really simplfy things and make your life so much better.  If you opt to irrigate every two days, it's good to avoid fiber and tweak your diet to do that as MMSH said.  I opted to irrigate every day and if you do that, you don't need to avoid anything.  I eat the same things  and at the same times I always did, with no problems. Irrigation takes care of any constipation too.  It's more of a hassle to do it every day, but to me it's worth it.  It's pretty hard to regulate your colon without irrigation.  I tried it for quite a while, but colons seem to have a mind of their own and I never really succeeded in accomplishing much.  Irrigation saved me a LOT of hassle and grief.  Hope you can do it too.  Hospitals never seem to mention that to you.  Not sure why or what's going on with that...but they'll fill you in if you ask them.

 Glad you feel great!  That's a good start to things...the best!  Good luck to you and remember..it gets easier.

p.s.  I just read your profile.  You answered a lot of my questions.  lol  You have a sigmoid colostomy, so you shouldn't have any problem irrigating.  4 weeks out of surgery is a little soon, though.  They'll probably say to wait a while before you try that.  Good luck.


Hey BeachRN,

Welcome to the site! My buddies MMSH and Weirdnewlife have pretty much said what I would say too. I don’t have to be careful what I eat and my Ostomy sleeps when I do as a rule, but irrigation has been the life changer here. Once I found the two piece pouch systems, my life changed for the better and then progressed to irrigation that made it normal again. Check into it and after a few months, you may be ready to go! It would end your constipation issues! I am sure that would be wonderful! You may not ever need to take Colace or OTC stuff for it again. 



Another vote for irrigation, I only wear patches. It’s like a bandaid with a little more absorbing power. 


Hello Beach RN,

 As many of you answered, I also irrigate my stoma every day and it changes the vision of managing a disability. I copy the address of a coloplast video to give you an idea how it works. For my part I have been doing my irrigation for over a year and I do not use the enlarged bag I kneel directly in the toilet that facilitates the irrigation time. Good luck.


Hey Danielle,

it has been forever since I have seen you on here! Glad to see you again. Question. How do your knees stand all that kneeling. Mine would give in! But,  It goes to show, everyone finds what works for them! I could not kneel or lay down. I would have a big mess. I used to stand to put the water in bit now just don’t all at the toilet, sitting. Easy! 

Take care,



Hello Puppy,
Yes long time ago, the reason is that I started working 40 hours / week again. I miss you all . To do my irrigation in front of my toilet , it is less hard for my knees because i put a big carpet of foam, it is soft and comfortable and make my irrigation takes me 4 minutes to introduce 1500cc of water and 30 minutes to evacuate  almost everything. I still have some residues but i put a small round  plastic dish  that holds by my panties, and this way I empty the dish as needed and before bedtime I put my  tegadermfilm.  I'm at work right now ..talk to you later  :):)


I had an ileostomy reversal and deal with constipation at times.  Do you take a Colace every day?  Thank you


Glad you have been able to get back to full time work! That's awesome. I missed you here so try to check in when you think of it! I know life sometimes get in the way huh? Lol

wishing you the beat! ,



Thank you so much for replying to my question. My output is very watery. Nothing all day but the colostomy fill up during the night. My doc never mentioned irrigation. Cheryl


Good morning BeachRN,

Don't worry, same here in Quebec Canada, no doctor mention irrigation .

I sometimes wonder if doctors do not have a percentage on ostomy kit......lolllllllllllllllllllllll

Have a great day :)


Thank you for your quick reply. I’ll discuss irrigation with my doctor. I’m sure it would be down the road. My output is still very liquid . It’s all so unpredictable at 6 weeks  post op. I have such a fear of constipation as I struggled with this forever.  I used a fiber source to thicken the stool but it hasn’t helped very much. I guess I will continue to be positive but it is a bit of a pain.  This website is great and everyone is so informative. Cheryl



Our bowel   is like a child ..... it takes consistency ..... llollll ... the more you will be regular in your meal times the more your bowel will be more regular. In the morning I eat all the time a fast Quaker oatmeal, it helps a lot in consistency


I will start having oatmeal in the morning. I would love to have anything but brown water coming from my stoma. I just ate a banana. I read applesauce can help with the consistency. 

I am basically on a high protein diet eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese and protein shakes. I try to drink 60-70 ounces of water a day. My first being warm water with fresh lemon. 

I will begin the oatmeal tomorrow morning. I think my ”soft diet” may not have enough fiber in it. 

If you have any other idea’ s please pass then on to me. 


Thank you so much for that great irrigation website. It was wonderful and so informative. I continue to have a very watery output. I believe you can only use irrigation if you have a semisolid stool. Any more info would be greatly appreciated. Best, Cheryl


I had a very watery output for a long time as well. You can use different foods to help thicken that out. I do not like taking drugs but Imodium works when really needed. I imagine enwhat constipated you before surgery, would still do the trick now! 

Hope you can figure it out and might just be worth a try! 


BeachRN wrote

 I believe you can only use irrigation if you have a semisolid stool. Any more info would be greatly appreciated. Best, Cheryl

to qualify for irrigation you must have some decending colon, and that colon must be healthy. i hope you will ask your doctor or nurse and give it a try if you do qualify...its a life changer! good luck


I have an ileostomy but it took my body probs ly 6-8 weeks to be more "normal " in output and still from about 5am-11am it is liquid, like stomach acid, very little output and increases in amount and solidity as the day goes on.


Thank you for the information. I meet with my ostomy nurse soon. My output is pretty watery but I will ask. Good luck and thank you again. Beach RN


Thank you so much. Any suggestions for foods to thicken my output. I eat a lot of high protein Cottage cheese, bananas, applesauce, yogurt. Do you have any other idea's? Beach RN


Peanut butter and bananas work great for me! 


Thank you, I currently eat 1-2 bananas a day. I will try peanut butter on an english muffin tomorrow. Output is a bit thicker! What a subject. Beach RN


Beach RN,

i also love a peanut butter and banana sandwich! Yummy! 

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