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Plot twist


Two of my sisters stopped by today to wish me a happy birthday and to have a visit one of whom is Gronk's mom. I jokingly brought it up again that I would gladly take him if she didn't want him because she's now single and not home as often to take care of him, at that point my other sister chimed in and said she doesn't have the time to take care of him anymore! It's not that she doesn't love him because she certainly does! 

So long story short when I get out of the cottage and can take care of myself it looks like my buddy the Gronkmeister may be coming to live with old uncle Paul and make us both happy and my sister can still visit him, no take backs! 

Happy Birthday to me indeed!

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What a wonderful birthday gift! ❤️🐕🥰


Aww, I just got all emotional. Happiest Birthday Paul, dad to Gronk! ❤️❤️❤️


Good for you, Paul.  This post left a big smile on my face.  And good for Gronk, too. 


That's a real bonus Abe, also another reason to escape from Alcatraz lol 😂. Happy birthday 🎁🎁 XX


Happy Birthday Paul, and hello to Gronk (woof!)


Happy Birthday

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Thank you Ron.

The best present I've received was finding this site and all of you, truly priceless, thank you thank you thank you! 

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Awww that just makes me tear up. In a happy way. 🥰 Big Big {{{Hugs}}}.

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I'm usually not one for “support groups” and loathe whatever the hell they call Facebook these days. 
This site has literally been a lifesaver because of its members, part support group, part dad jokes, part story telling, mostly friendship and if people don't agree they just keep it to themselves. I honestly reminds me of the old days and just plain old polite society, it helps me more than I can explain. Thank you to everyone that allows me to engage with them and to all the members that help other members! 

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I agree 100%. I too find it very comforting to be part of this support group. Thank you to all the wonderful members on here. 💗


Happy Birthday Paul! Gronkmeister is a real cute one and will make a great companion. Hope you really didn't have to drag that huggable beast lol! Mike

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That was my sister dragging him years ago in his first snow he's middle aged now and loves the snow! And the pool!


Oh Paul,  I'm so happy for you!  And Happy Birthday!  As you well know, there is nothing like the unconditional love of a dog.  I'm so happy that Gronk will be your boy!  And talk about great motivation to get better!!  Lucky you and lucky Gronk!


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