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I will NEVER forget


I went thru all the hell in 2011. Diverticulitis, surgerys, tests, incessant pain, picc lines, home I-V'S Home care, Ostomy bag's, back to work with tha bag, (my co-workers called me "Poopie-Pouch") A successful reversal the next year changed my outlook. I was even used to the lifestyle change. But remember my thoughts are with all of you. The silent disabled group without a legal disability. Oh boy do I understand............Just to let someone know....I will NEVER forget what all of you are going through. We are a special group that only WE understand.    Jay

Talk to others with an Ostomy
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You are so right.  I will never forget this website and the people who have helped me.  I had my reversal in January of 2014.  I try and come on this website weekly to see if I can help or encourage other individuals get through the day-to-day process of life. 


2012-2014 were my years from hell, diverticulitis, abcess, leaky gut, stricture, followed by colostomy, ileostomy, failed reversal, successful reversal. Did not have the office problems thank goodness, I work from home and my employer is very understanding. Now that is behind me I do try to come back and post tips and words of encouragement.

I wish I had found this site earlier, I have been posting links to it on other forums

Thanks meetanostomate

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