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My ostomy is my friend

This is the best website for people with an Ostomy. So much understanding.

I just wanted to share something I saw posted on facebook.

Charlie was born one Sunday night
due to the surgeon’s knife.
I didn't quite expect him, but
he helped to save my life.
To try and gain a pain-free life
that was my only goal.
I woke to find that things had changed.
I'd gained an extra hole.
He doesn't look offensive,
he's a rose that's still in bud.
Mainly he stays quiet.
But he's not always so good.
Six thirty every morning,
he thinks it’s time to wake.
He rustles up my breakfast
with a steaming hot pancake.
He then relaxes for a while.
I can forget he's there.
Generally he's pretty good
but sometimes he's a 'mare.
You can't relax with him around
because all of sudden,
the thunder starts to rumble,
he can fart just like a good 'un.
Sometimes he is docile
and you hear nothing for hours.
The next he's filling up the bags,
like he has super powers.
He can be really smelly
and gives out quite a reek.
And when he is mischievous,
he can cause your bag to leak.
I've told you all the bad things,
but he really is my friend.
‘Cause ever since I've had him,
I've been slowly on the mend.
So raise a glass to Charlie
He will probably stay for ever.
And we can make it through this life
as long as we're together.



MeetAnOstoMate - 28,358 members

Ahh, that's cute. Mine is Roo and she really IS my friend.


Hello newyorktorque.

Thank you for sharing this, which I appreciate on so many different levels.

Best wishes



Nice post!  I named my stoma too.... Stanley.  We have been working together for 6 1/2 years... what an interesting ride.  I am still here because of my life saving surgery.  I would have died with out it.  I keep reminding myself to be grateful and humble for the second chance.... some do not have the opportunity.


That is so creative and so accurate. Thanks for sharing!


Raising my glass to Charlie....Love it.....my stoma's 30 and nameless but always loved the cute little fella 


Hi loved your tribute to Charlie. I actually gave Rosie her name because she reminded me of a rosebud, but as you pointed out does not always smell as sweet lol. Thanks for sharing. Rosiesmom.


Hi All,   Thanks for sharing.....   I never named my stoma, " who has been at my side for more than 50+ years, since I was a kid of 15.   To everyone who has a " Charlie",  or a Stanley   ( Hi Rosie's mom, and  LadyHope)   we are blessed to have been  given a second chance at living a more healthy life.   I know I'm grateful..    Best regards to all  our " osto - mates!      Marsha


Loved it!

where ever you may be let the wind blow free,

Wheather you're in church or chapel?? 

you got to let it rattle!

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