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Rectal pain.


It's been going on for 2 years since my surgery. I had squamous cell carcinoma anal cancer. I suffer every day. Is there any comfort? In the morning, I get this pressure pain (severe pain) in my rectum from the back. It's a sharp pain like something wants to come out..sometimes I get mucus, sometimes I bleed a little. I've been to the doctors about this and they don't have an answer as to what is causing this pain. I get this pain every morning. I once asked a nurse and she said it could be a colon wave (?) My sister said it could be gas trying to find a way out..If anyone has ever experienced this, please let me know what it is and what I can do to stop it..Thank You, Sue

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Hi SusieQ901, Do you have an ostomy nurse? I have some pain somtimes but not everyday and I do pass mucus but not blood. I just use toliet paper and press on my rectum. You may need to check with your Dr that did the surgery or an ostomy nurse. Especially if you keep passing blood, I have never heard of a colon wave . best wishes


Hi Lovely,

I did see my surgeion several times and I told him that when I wipe myself there is blood. His response is as long as long as the blood is not dripping in the toilet..which it doesn't. When I get ready to urinate I get the pressure pain in the rectum in the back. I can feel a discharge and a few put put of gas. This week it was a discharge of dark brown. The smell was of rotten. Dr. told me that there is still some fetus (PooP} in the rectum that will come out in time.  Right now I am suffering with the skin around my stoma it is all red and some area's worse than other. Dr. gave me antibiotic cream to put on it..DOES IT IT BETTER IN TIME. I'VE HAD THIS FOR 1 AND HALF YEAR....Lost my husband 6 weeks after I was told I had cancer..I was told I had cancer on Friday..he came home the following Monday and said the doctor told him he had stage 4 lung cancer and a tumor in the middle of his brain..he died 6 weeks later.  I miss him so much..


Hi SusieQ901,

First of all as regards the sore skin around the stoma!  My stoma nurse gave me the steroid puffer that people with asthma and the likes use, I know this sounds strange but it does work, you just spray on the sore skin, it dries very quickly so doesn’t interfere with the adhesion of the baseplate!  My skin cleared up very quickly with that!  I’m wondering if you have a lot of mucus build up in your rectum, I am bothered a bit with that and I was told by my GP to use a suppository which helps to lubricate the hardened mucus and it passes easily!  Mucus build up hardens and is very normal but maybe you are getting a lot which will cause pain and if you’re not clearing it all out it might be causing irritation inside hence the bleeding!  It might be worth a try, a suppository won’t do any harm and might do a lot of good!  Sorry for your loss, your have had a tough time, hopefully things will get a bit better for you soon!  Take care!



Hope you are having a nice day. Do you remember the name of the steroid puffer that you spray around your stoma? I think I will try the suppository. Do you buy them over the counter in the store, or does the doctor have to prescribe them.  What you say about the build up mucus makes sense. Do I buy the suppository over the counter...This is all so new to scares me. I cried all day..for my husband..I feel like "i want to go home" "come home Charles"." Lets go home"..There isn't a home anymore. But I know the only home we will be togeather is in the home of the Lord. Thank you Lovely...keep in touch...Sue


Susie, I am SO sorry to hear of your loss. Normally we look to our spouse to get us through these times. I hope, so hope, you have found someone to lean on.

That being said I went through a period about 5 or 6 months after my colostomy where I felt, strongly, that I had to pass gas in the traditional way, amd you know, a few times I did. It completely freaked me out, but damn if it didn't feel good. Forgive my cruidity but it felt as if I had been holding in a fart for days, if not weeks, and all the accompanying pain and I finally let it out. Right around that time I also started passing a lot of mucus from my rear end. I was running in several times a day! Then, after about two weeks, it just stopped. I'm not sure if my rectal stump was just clearing itself out, or if it was just trying to remind me it was still there.

If you need anything whatsoever, please don't hesitate to message me.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts on such a nasty disorder. I do believe it is waste that was left in and will slowly make it's way out..My surgeron swears that in no way can I pass gas or anything esle from the rectum. He said it is matter that was left in after surgery for they didn't clean me out..My pain is still there but not as much..I would hold it in which I learn was the worse thing to I sit on the toilet and just let it come is the worse smell of rotten I have ever smelt in my life.  It was my younger sister who said it might be gas. I think she is right. I am still crying llike a baby for my husband..asking him to come home but I know it will not happen.  Again thank you for sharing...Sue


Hi SusieQ901, I am not the one who mentioned the puffer. I do have pain sometimes and I just apply presser to the rectum. I have mucus discharge several times a week which is normal according to everything I have read and heard from other ostomates. The stump still lubicates the rectum just as it did when you had regular bowel movements. I am truly sorry you are having a lot of trouble since you lost your husband. I have lost two and griving is a personal thing. Some it takes longer for some than others. I wish you the very best. People say time heals but it doesn't it just makes each day easier to get through . Try to find things to ocuppy your time.


It is so interesting that we all are going through the same sort of pain in our rectum discharge..I text my surgerg several times about this and he says there is noway I could have a discharge for it is sewn shut. So one day I pass some mucus and blood and some nasty brown stuff. I took a picture of it and sent it to my surgent. He called and wanted me in the hospital to go inside of me to make sure everything was ok.  The result were that it was all fine..So the next time it happen I sent him the pictures and he said as long as I'm not dripping blood in the toilet it is ok. Some say to insert suppositorties in the recturm and it will clear it out. I would have to ask my doctor first before trying that.
Thanks for listening, Sue


Marilyn, do you remember the name of the steroid puffer so I can bring it up with my doctor. It sounds like a miracle medicine..I am so tired of cleaning and putting on the Marathon medicine and powder...Yes it is mucus and I don't know what the brown stuff is but it has a nasty rotten surgeon put me back in the hospital to go into the rectum to see if everything was ok...and it was..he said as long as I'm not dripping blood in the toilet I'll be ok..I think Kaiser let me and my husband down..thank you for listening..Sue


Hi Sue,

apologies for taking so long to reply!  The name of the puffer is Beclometasone Dipropionate 250 microgram.  It is a steroid puffer so I don’t know if you will be able to buy it over the counter where you live and will have to speak to your doctor!  It is used widely by Stoma Nurses in the UK for skin problems round the stoma, as it dries quickly it doesn’t interfere with adhesion of the bag as creams do!  Good luck, keep your chin up, things will get better with time, as Lovely said try to keep yourself busy!  X

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