Doctor's Warning: Corona Beer Virus - Stay Home & Stock Up!


Hi gang,

Not to get everyone down, but figure I'll tell you what my primary care doc told me on Friday when I saw her and asked about the virus. I told her I'm currently on two immunosuppressants, Humira and Methotrexate (oral), as a preventative. I asked her a few things and here are her answers....

1. Should I be concerned about this damn virus? Yes, definitely. With my immune system beaten back by my meds, I was susceptible.

2. What exactly would happen if I got it....worse case? It will kill you. There's no treatment, so you're fucked. (My word, not hers)

3. What exactly would they do if I showed up at the ER complaining of fever and trouble breathing? They'd test me, and if positive, most likely keep me there for observation.

4. What does that mean......they'll all stand around and watch me die? Yup, pretty much.

5. What would you do if you were me? Stop at the supermarket on your way home. Buy everything you need to stay in your home for 4 weeks. Go home and don't come out, or let people in, until this is over.

6. Really? asked what I'd do......that's what I'd do. You can telework (which I can), and you have a you won't get bored. Now go hide.

So...........I waited until 11:30pm and hit the Walmart when no one was in there. There was still a lot of stuff left, so I piled the cart as full as I could make it without stuff falling out. The next night I went to my local Weis Market supermarket, which had everything including sanitizer and toilet paper, and they ended up chasing me out as they were trying to close up at 11:00pm. So I'm good. But I'm getting a hankering for some Popeye's chicken..............

Stay well, my friends. Nature is thinning the herd again, so don't let her catch you being stupid. Go hide for a few weeks and when you come out, spring will be in full swing with summer right around the corner. You might have a few funerals to attend, but otherwise you'll be no worse for wear. May the force be with you and all that nonsense!



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Hi Bob,

Good advice but you may want to wait on Popeye's. Lol

Best wishes for all of us! Mtnman.

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Hi Mountain,

You, of course, are right. Popeye's can wait. Although I'm pretty sure the virus can't survive the pressure can survive on the hands of the guy who puts the chicken in the bucket! This is going to be a very interesting next couple of weeks. I might actually have time to "watch the grass grow," as they say.




Thanks Bob for the information. It sounds like this thing is more serious than we thought at first. I am sure people from all over the world are working on the cure for it. Just hope it doesn't take long, people still have to work, so it may spread fast. They won't let visitors in at the nursery home where my son is. I know it is a good thing. I just want to see him, but they are calling people to let them know how people are doing. So everyone just needs to be extra careful. Best wishes.


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Hi NY torque,

I don't care what anyone says, that's funny and so true. Yes, I realize this might hit close to home for someone but it's funny!



Good one Torqster!

But they forgot Y2K! Although that wasn't a virus.... it was stupidity....... but we still survived it.

Hi Lovely,

Yeah, the cure. Well that's going to take some time. It will be at least a year before the CDC allows a cure to be implemented. Although they have gone directly to human trials, so maybe those in a life or death situation will be allowed to try it. Not much to lose. Then there's the problem of the virus mutating, like the common flu virus, which would make the cure a moot point. Ah, such fun!

The silver lining in all this is for those who were thinking a Socialist government, open borders, and the elimination of ICE were good things.......... I hope they've had their eyes opened with all this stuff. I hope.




Bob, I sure hope it doesn't take that long to find the answer. People will soon grow tired of everything being closed and out of things. When they start getting back to normal, it will spread much faster.


Good survival strategy, Bob. It is likely that some ostomates have compromised immune systems. Mine is not in the greatest shape either. Sucking on nectarines, fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi are supposed to boost it. On a lighter note, a quack was caught here selling a cure for that virus. It turned out to be a measles vaccine! Simple, gullible folk cannot read. I shudder to think what will happen if that scourge hits them or the areas they live in. Public health care systems are either non-existent or pathetic. You are lucky that way, Bob, living in Maryland. Some sort of preventive medicine should be available in the US soon. Perhaps even before you emerge from hibernation in four weeks. Another Dr. Maurice Hilleman is needed, the world's most prolific vaccinologist. Born and raised on a farm near Miles City, Montana, he developed 40 vaccines with the help of his feathered friends, roosters and chickens, and the fertilized eggs received from them. The last vaccine developed before he passed away was for chickenpox. All the best of luck, Bob, to you and all the other ostomates. With a bit of luck, we will completely avoid it.


Hi Bob,

I am so sorry, my heart is for you. You are a very sweet person trying to help me out with all my problems, and I am so sorry for what you are going through. This world sucks, and we are all not well on this site. You gotta keep up your great personality and making me laugh! I want you to know personally that you are in my prayers and thoughts every day, along with all of you!

With sincere heartfelt thank you and God bless us all. Love to you all, Coco


Hi guys,

Don't worry Coco........I'm going to be just fine. My fortress is secured and I have plenty of food supplies on-hand. I did venture out today (OMG) because I needed my laptop power adapter from work.........and it was so nice without any traffic! I first went to Tractor Supply (again), but didn't buy any new hats. But I did buy 4 young turkeys and a dozen pullet chickens. So cute (but the dog is going nuts with all the birds in the house)! Will get a pic up later. Need to go feed the zoo now before they all eat each other.


Dr. Doolittle


Hi T,

Yes, he's part of the herd... but he's a goose (not a duck). Don't worry, I won't tell him you said that. His girlfriend is sitting on 5 or 6 eggs... so he might be a daddy in a few weeks.




Hey Bob, looks like you have plenty to keep you busy. Will you be able to work from home?


Ok, I have had it with this COVID-19! They have closed Belk's until the end of the month! WHAT?!? Lol, first I heard of a department store closing! All restaurant dining rooms closed today. I was lucky enough to have dinner at my fav Mexican restaurant tonight before they close too! Guess it is time to start using up all those things in the pantry and freezer!
Dang! I hate cooking! Thankful my husband is the cook in this family! I might starve! Keep on keepin' on, folks!
Ya'll stay healthy doing all you can do to stay away from this virus!


A drug called Avigan developed by Toyama Chemical of Japan has proved "clearly effective" against this virus. China said that in clinical trials with 340 patients, it produced encouraging outcomes in Wuhan and Shenzen, two of the hardest-hit places. Shares in Toyama have soared on stock exchanges. Some of the smartest people on Earth are stockbrokers. Humankind has accomplished great things in the past. It has survived and endured. It will overcome these dark days too. In the meantime, they say that good humor helps in coping with hard times. Whatever happened to Angelicamarie and her rib-cracking jokes?


Hey Bob, yeah they are testing potential vaccines. The cure to it at the time is keeping you alive until the virus runs its course, just like the flu.  
While your doctor is right in one way, she is way off in others. They won't just let you sit there and die, they will do everything they can to keep you alive. Glad my doctor respects his peers!


You best start worrying, it's not going away. Our government in the UK has just told us to lock down for at least 3 weeks. No going out, only for food supplies and medicals.

All non-essential shops are closed and the only people allowed to work are hospital staff and any jobs relating to them. Google GOV.UK for more information. It's going to get worse.

Before it gets better, it's really scary. Stay safe x


It is about the same here, but sometimes you just try to be positive. Stay safe.


I feel for you, Bob. I'm in a major metropolitan area of 5MM plus people. I got an abscess related to my recurring rectal cancer. Hospitalized, drain put in, and a colostomy. Now I'm supposed to start chemo and radiation.... I'm not leaving the house except for medical appointments. It's scary and I don't want to take a chance..... just overwhelmed and actually frightened.


Sorry, you are having problems. The problems themselves are bad enough, and now with this virus, it makes it double trouble. Best wishes.

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