Social Distancing Ignorance: Consequences for Irresponsibility?


"Visitors packed Clearwater Beach in Florida despite social distancing warnings from health officials over the coronavirus pandemic." (A news heading with picture)

I hope this post is controversial. What part of social isolation do people not understand? I see it here in my city when I watch 8 city police officers walk into McDonald's for a coffee break followed by 4 "Q-tips" (my word for older folks) while 6 city workers walked out - in mid-afternoon. I was driving home from a brief grocery shopping trip and stopped at the drive-through for an ice cream cone.

Never have we been so dependent on each other, and we should rise to the occasion. Perhaps the selfishness of our young folks, and yes, older folks too, will not be realized until it is too late. Who are you, walking around transmitting this virus to older people? Perhaps many of the young folks know very little of sacrifice or suffering. In San Francisco, the streets are still full of people.
This trickle-down effect continues with putting all medical staff at risk. Geez! Do we need martial law? Perhaps our two countries will go the same way as Italy did - and now, Spain. I guess the "not in my backyard syndrome" continues to flourish.

Should there be consequences for irresponsibility?


Hi K,

You seem really surprised by the irresponsibility shown by most... where have you been, girl... it's 2020 and it's each person for himself. Dog eat dog. Survival of the fittest. Most young people simply don't watch the news. And truth be told, I never did when I was younger either. But the difference is today we have social media. And we all know what a miserable mess that is.

See, I look at it from the "glass half empty" point of view... and then when people behave decently and show they care... I'm pleasantly surprised. So just don't expect so much from folks and you won't be distraught. Certain areas of both our countries will experience really bad things from this virus. Other areas, where the folk are more responsible, will fare better. There are a lot of social lessons to be learned from this ordeal, but it's too early to tell if any wisdom will come from this. Hey, over here they're saying it's the government's responsibility to pay people who can't work because of this virus. Everyone is getting excited about getting a $1000 check from Uncle Sam. But that will be spent in a week... and then what will the politicians do when the people get mad and want another check... and another one. Not to mention that people don't seem to realize who exactly will be paying that bill down the road... they will. But the fact that the money is endless... and debts never have to be paid back... seems to be ideas driving the day. What a friggin' wacky world we live in. I'm sure the aliens watching us are up there laughing their asses off right about now.

Peace Out Girlie,


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Wisely said. I have been working too much - with horse blinders on - only seeing what is in front of me:) No expectations, no disappointment. Hmmm ... not this time. This is what happens to me now, when I have too much time on my hands - you find out what is going on in the world. And then - verbal diarrhea. I have posted more in the last two weeks than I have in a decade. Food for thought is always good; if anything maybe people will think again, K.

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Hi kmedup,

It's good to get your feelings and anxieties off your chest, it's healthy.

I live in a little bitty town and about the only thing open are the town grocery store and the Dollar General. Oh, the post office. The little library is closed and the only cafe in town as well. But we can all have conversations with one another here and not go stir crazy as we stay closer to home. It's really nice to see this ostomy community stick together even in bad times. I appreciate reading and replying with each one of you.

Day after tomorrow, I have to venture out to the big city to get a CT and see my ostomy nurse, but I might just mask and glove up at the hospital.

I look forward to hearing from y'all, so stay safe.


Yes, it is good to vent sometimes, but like Bob said, times are different and younger people don't take things as seriously. It will probably get worse before it gets better. We just need to hunker down and wait it out. Best wishes.

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Hi Mountain,

I had a routine ileoscopy scheduled for early May at Georgetown (Washington, DC). I called this morning to slide it back a few months and the gal said they were just getting ready to call me to reschedule. Good thing because there's no way I'm getting near a hospital in a major city anytime soon. Be careful, my friend... you're in the eye of the storm in the Pacific Northwest.





The world has gone mad. The youth think they are immune to this virus. One of my granddaughters shared a post from another teenager which said this virus is to kill off all the baby boomers. It was a joke type post. I commented back to the girl who started this stupid meme saying "if it wasn't for us baby boomers, there wouldn't be any smart ass silly girls like you spreading stupid stuff on FB." 5 minutes later, my granddaughter messaged me saying, "Oh Nana, this is just a joke." I told her that there is nothing funny whatsoever about this tragic virus. And that I, as a baby boomer with a compromised immune system, am offended by this. Long story short, LOL, I know this has been long already. My granddaughter is now texting me telling me how much she loves me. Bless her, she's 17. Young people don't think the way we did at that age, but they love us just the same.



Oh done went and got old! We were just like them when we were 17 years old. Heck, at 17 I thought 40 was "old". I'd think things were seriously wrong if teenagers started showing wisdom and compassion. As the song says........How am I ever gonna get to be old and wise........If I ain't ever young and crazy? It's all good.



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Thanks, Bob. They sent me a text today confirming my appointment. I called them yesterday to see if it was still on because they canceled my brother's appointment there this week. Rats! After the surgeon appointment on April 2nd, I'll update anything I learn. Take care, Bob.  


Doesn't sunlight kill the virus?


Right on Bob... sooooo true nbsp

Hell started work in England right after high school, which back then you started high school at 11 years old and completed it at 15. Working full time, I gave my parents half of my paycheck, not because I wanted to but because there was no choice back then. Met some great friends at work and at age 16, four of us decided to go to Spain for a Vaca. My Mum nearly had a fit when I told her our plans but my Dad said that I could go... HOLY MOLY, that was a week of OMG!! US girls had a good time but... I was so glad to get back home from there in one piece... lol...

Now when I think back, I'm like... yeah, I know exactly how my mum felt and totally understand all her WHEN I WAS YOUR AGE stuff... I'd probably have a fit if my 17-year-old granddaughter told me she was going to Mexico with a couple of hey friends... hahaha nbsp

Sure was a different world in England back in the 60's... we worked, paid our way, and definitely respected our parents and elders. nbsp

So you are right, I did get old Bob LMAO. And now at 66, I look at life through my mother's eyes... I have an awesome relationship with my grandkids though, and they know I am always here for them.

Cheers nbsp

Ange nbsp



They say COVID-19 doesn't like hot temps, but if that's true, why is it in Florida and Australia where it's really hot right now...

One of my friends from Orlando, Florida messaged me about the virus not liking the heat. I'm like, "whaaaat the heck are you saying?" She even said a good way to keep the virus away is to put a hair dryer on high heat and breathe it in. Definitely not doing that, no way no how... They don't really know too much about this virus. I guess we will have to see how it plays out.  Take care. 

Stay safe. 


ron in mich

Hi all, I think we have to stop and take a deep breath and realize that when we were young, we were pretty impulsive and didn't have a lot of common sense. With social media the way it is nowadays, the young react instantly without much thought.


The idea that hotter temps will kill the virus is fake news that originated in a fake post from UNICEF Cambodia......don't believe it. Now.......temps over 60C (140F) will kill it, so wash your clothes and bedding with hot water, but 60C is too hot to put on your skin. It is thought that hotter temps may slow the spread of the virus, but that hasn't been confirmed yet. As usual, check everything you hear.....there's way more fake news out there than truth. Stay safe gang!




Then neither our body's response of causing fever or summer heat will kill the blood-thirsty virus. It's coronapocalypse! 


Kmed - I feel the same way as you do when I see the crowded beaches, etc. The latest statistics state that 40% of hospitalized coronavirus patients are between the ages of 20-54. Maybe the younger people will begin to take this situation more seriously. Unfortunately, we live in a very self-centered society and for a lot of people, it takes a club over the head to "get it".

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@kmedup, Saw your profile and liked it. I'd wish that you message me personally so that I can reply to you and we can correspond.

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