Springtime Delights: New Turkeys and Pullets!


Hiya gang,

Here's that pic I promised of my new turkeys and pullets (female chickens). The 4 bigger guys are the turkeys. Spring is here!!!




Soooooo sweet!

There's always one who keeps an eye on the camera!

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That is a bunch. They are so cute. Better keep them where your pooch can't reach them, which I am sure you will.

Yeah, when I brought them in last night the pooch heard the cheep-cheeping and was very interested. So I let her lean over the top of the box and look around. After a few minutes she lost all interest. But I still make sure she can't get anywhere near that box when I'm not there. And tomorrow I'm building a wire cover for the box that she won't be able to remove or penetrate. Otherwise the little tykes will be jumping out of the box and skirting around on the floor. And that will drive the pooch totally nuts. We got this covered!



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Hey Bobbo! These little guys are so adorable, they deserve names! A few suggestions: Osto Oscar, Ileot, Bag Me (bite me), Burpo, Colin (colon), Gutsy, Scared Shitless....the possibilities are endless!

Lovely scene, Bob. True when they say a picture conveys more than a thousand words. I don't think the dog will harm them but nice to be careful. Is that rock salt next to them?

How's that saying go? Life springs eternal, for spring brings new life or something like that.

Bagger... for names for the turkeys, it was suggested I use Christmas 2020, Easter 2020, Christmas 2021, and Easter 2021. But since I don't plan on eating them, unless the whole world goes to shit sometime soon, I'll think of other names once they molt their down and get their first feathers (and can be identified).

Bow... no, no rock salt. The stuff they're standing on is cedar wood chips, and the big white circle in the pic is a waterer.

Ron, as a kid, I used to love spring. The flowers, the smells... it was awesome. Now, for some reason, I notice lots of things die in the spring. Can't explain why that is, but it saddens me more now when I hear spring is coming. In with the new... out with the old, I guess.



As to naming them, are the turkeys toms or hens? As to the pullets, may I suggest Anastasia or Arabella? They will respond to their names when you call them out once they get used to them.

Hi bow,

The turkeys are from a straight run (unsexed)........so time will tell. I hope I got 2 and 2.......or 1 tom and 3 hens. Ooops! Did I say that out loud?? Sheeeet....I meant to say one tom and 3 fine young sexy thangs!!



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