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Yo OstoMates,

Have trouble sleeping? Figured I'd pass this tip on to you... cuz I care. If you sleep on your side, you need a thicker pillow than if you sleep on your back or stomach. You know that. Why? Because the space between your shoulder and neck (side sleeping) is greater than the space between your neck and the bed (sleeping on your back or front). So what to do? The answer is the Buckwheat pillow. My Chiro turned me on to this more than a couple of years ago, and it works. It's a pillow literally full of buckwheat husks. So it's HEAVY. But if you prop it up... it stays! If you flatten it out... it stays at the flatness you set and doesn't get thinner as the weight of your head compresses the normal foam or feathers in pillows. Now you're probably thinking a pillow full of dried wheat husks is going to be noisy... and it is. But your brain very quickly learns to tune it out, and you won't even notice it. The pillowcase has a zipper on one end so you can remove or add husks as you see fit. Over time, it says the husks will break down from continually rubbing against each other and should be replaced, but I've had mine over 10 years, and it's the same as when new. So the husks last a LONG time.

So... if you're having trouble finding a pillow that fits whether you sleep on your side or on your front/back... the Buckwheat pillow may be the answer. Check it out. I love mine and won't use anything else. Just thought I'd pass this tidbit on.




Thanks for that info! My husband buys a new set of pillows so often that I had an entire closet of pillows! And that is after having four on each bed (x3) threw a bunch away a few weeks ago! None ever seem to be the perfect one. We have all the traditional foams and feathers as well as Bamboo and My Pillow! Will have to check this out!


Hello Bob.

I have heard of buckwheat pillows before and they sound like a great idea for those who sleep on their side.

I sleep on my back, and in the past, tried many different types of pillow - which did not work for me at all.

About ten years ago, after a flight to NZ, I gave up on normal pillows altogether and adapted a flight collar by moving the beads equally to each side, then twisting the middle section so that it was just enough to support my neck and the two sides were sufficiently firm to keep my head in an upright position all night.

The advantages of this device were that: My head stayed in one position; I no longer got cold draughts on my neck (which used to result in a stiff/sore neck in the mornings);The CPAP mask no longer got displaced during the night (which used to sound like the airbrakes on a lorry); Now I get a pretty good night's sleep (apart from getting up to toilet!) and I have not yet found a device that would sort that one out.

Best wishes


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Hi, I had one of those, but it didn't work for me. I had more neck pains and headaches than ever. So, I gave it away, and my friend said it works wonders for her. So, if you buy one, just be aware that it is not for everyone.

Hi Magic,

As with everything... your mileage may vary. Setting them up properly is the key... and I'm not saying you didn't do it right... I'm just throwing this out there for anyone else tempted to try one. When it comes to filling the pillow with the husks, you need to understand that it won't behave like a normal pillow... meaning it won't get flatter the longer you sleep on it. So don't overfill it. Put a little less than you think is normal, so when you lay on your side and you need the pillow to be its thickest, you simply push all the husks to one side of the pillow. That will essentially double the thickness of the pillow but cut its length in half. Then when you want to lay on your stomach or back, you let the husks distribute evenly throughout the pillow, which makes it larger but thinner. I actually don't use any pillow when I lay on my back... I like to let my back and neck fully stretch out. But for those who do use a pillow in that position, you'll find you can adjust it from thin to thick and anywhere in between... and it stays where you adjusted it. It does take some getting used to, and as Magic said... it's not for everyone... nothing is. But for me, it was a Godsend. Guess you really won't know until you try. And if you see a chiropractor regularly, discuss it with him/her as well... there may be something even better nowadays... but I never needed to look, so don't know.



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Hi, help me please to clear up the point. This buckwheat pillow is supposed to help with neck pain, am I right? Several months ago, I was told that wedge pillows help with neck problems. I bought it, expected some relief, but faced the reality without any result. So now I'm in search of a new one.
My current pillow is pretty similar to this one.

Hi lolaliu,

No, they are two different animals. Buckwheat pillows are designed to reduce neck pain......wedge pillows are designed to prop your head up at an angle to your spine to help keep your airway open for those with sleep apnea. What I mean is that to reduce neck pain you want your head and neck to be in a straight line with your spine......not above or below it. A buckwheat pillow does that and doesn't lose its shape as you sleep. A wedge pillow is designed to elevate your neck and head with respect to your spine. Wedge pillows also compress over time from the weight of your head.....for better or worse. And buckwheat pillows help keep you cool as you sleep. They do that because buckwheat husks are coarse and allow air to circulate through them as you sleep, keeping you cool. Foam simply reflects the heat that's released by your head right back at you. I'd think that for neck pain relief a wedge shape would be the worst type of pillow to use, but you can check with your chiropractor for their recommendation. I got my buckwheat pillow a few years ago there might be better options today that I'm not aware of........but it cured my neck pain issue.



It's funny that comfortable bedding is often made from such natural plant components as buckwheat and bamboo. And the truth is that buckwheat pillow is really comfortable to sleep on, and bamboo sheets are pleasant to touch. I bought my last batch from, and I don't even want to change my bedsheets... I can't imagine what other wonder I can find for my bedroom. I like to think that my bedroom is the coziest place in the house, and everything there should indicate comfort.

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