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Hi... I'm sure a lot of us are feeling huge anxiety over COVID-19. I know I am scared half to death. How are you all handling it and what are you doing to stay positive? I'm self-isolating to protect myself and others after starting with a sinus problem, which I'm sure is partly due to allergies. Going nuts on my own though. So tell me how you are coping with it all... Stay safe everyone.



Hello Ange.

I consider myself to be very fortunate in these circumstances of self-isolation, because this is what most writers do most of the time. Otherwise they would get much less work done on their manuscripts.

I am also fortunate in that one of my main focusses of attention in writing rhyme is to highlight how adversity affects the poor and vulnerable much more than it does the the rich and advantaged. Thus, a Pandemic like this one has thrown up many concepts along those lines for me to concentrate on.  I also write a lot abut 'bullying' in its many forms and the behaviour of some people during this difficult time has, predictably, brought out that side of the bully's nature. This too, has given me plenty to think and write about. 

In my old-age, my other hobbies have leaned towards gardening, naturewatching, conservation work, and similar activities which are all somewhat self-isolating. So, almost all the things we like doing involve a degree of self-isolation.

We have a daughter who lives in the same town and has offered to shop for us and we have supportive neighbours who have offered the same, so we should not want for the necessities.

From the media reports, it looks as if many of the British people are respnding well to this crisis and trying to do the 'right' things. However, inevitably there are reports of people trying to make money out of  difficult situation either by blatently profiteering or by scamming those who are already vulnerable. This, in my view, is only a reflection od what was already going on before the pandemic, but nevertheless, it gives me even more material for my rhymes. 

I do miss my face to face work with elderly people, but can appreciate the necessity for them to self-isolate as well. Those who do not have family have been contacted and are reasonably well catered for in terms of food and support. Those already on social media in our area have been encouraged to log in to the facebook site 'We love Hitchin', where they will find many people who will instantly respond to any requests for assistance.  We all hope that this pandemic will end as quickly as it started, but I hope that people will learn something from it in terms of what is 'really' important in life. Perhaps the aftermath might see a better human outlook emerging.

Best wishes


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G'morning Ange, I truly understand your feelings. Initially, I was really scared listening to so much news. Yes, it's frightening and very much real. So I pray first, then read from the good book which calms me. I limit news watching to like once a day, but I have gotten so much housework done. Let's face it, there's always something to do in the house. I FaceTime my family a lot!
I'm a reader, but since my surgery, I read less. Well, I've picked up the novels lately. I do personally go out to the store, but I'm in and out. I watch a whole lot of movies lately too. Lol Truly, prayer and the word help a lot, that is for me.. take care and stay safe.



looking forward

Hi, I understand that being alone with our own issues does cause lots of stress. Yesterday, I went to a friend's and there were 4 of us, and it was nice just to get out.

ron in mich

Hi all, my wife and I have settled into a routine of doing some housework in the morning, having some lunch, then doing errands. Like you said, in and out. Also, we both like to read. Then supper and in the evening, maybe go snowshoeing as we have a couple of feet of it on the ground yet. And then a movie. Also, yesterday we baked some bread.

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Ok, Ange, worldwide research shows that it strikes men much more than women, nobody really knows why. Perhaps Mother Nature, who surely has a hand in this, favors the fairer sex! That should ease the anxiety a little bit among women. Humor helps: A matrimonial ad: Woman with hand sanitizer looking for man with toilet paper.

Jimky 1

Hi Ange, I have been staying in my house for over a week now. I had a stent put in an artery last month, so I am staying away from people. I have not read as much in years, lol.


Hi Ange, like Angelicamarie, I pray a lot. We are still having church on Sunday morning as we have a very small church. I watch a lot of movies, guess what kind. Western, of course! LOL. I also like cooking shows. I also do the bulletin for the church, so I have been working on that. I also play a game on the computer called Mahjong and also like to work jigsaw puzzles on the computer. Stay safe everyone.

Past Member

We cut our South Carolina vacation short by three weeks and have been back home for a week, halfway now into our two-week isolation. I am actually enjoying it, although my husband is not. I have lots to keep me busy in the house, whereas my husband spends more time out in the community. I look at it as studio time, so I have been playing with some alpaca fiber I've had since October but haven't had the chance to do anything with. So I have been dyeing it, getting it prepped for spinning and weaving. The leftover bits of fiber I have been hanging on branches outside, and this afternoon, I watched a pair of goldfinches making off with some turquoise-dyed alpaca. I'd love to see that nest! I am keeping myself occupied and staying as safe as possible, but not giving in to fear.


Hi Padfoot. If you don't mind me asking, what part of SC were you in? I live in a small town about 65 miles from Columbia, and I have nieces that live in Ladson, just outside Charleston. What kind of things do you make from the yarn? Sounds like fun. Stay safe.

Past Member

Hi Lovely,

We were in Myrtle Beach. My husband is a golfer. Usually, we spend the last week of our vacation in Charleston, but we had to cancel that in order to get back home. We really like to go to the Festival of Houses and Gardens, but it was cancelled this year, like so many things. I always get great garden ideas in Charleston. So many things you can grow in your climate that I can't grow in mine. Believe me, I've tried! Spanish moss, surprisingly, will survive Canadian winters hanging in the garage window. Every spring, I haul it out and drape it over my magnolia.

I like to weave with the yarn I make; rugs, or fabric that I will make into jackets or vests. Sometimes I just sell the yarn; my guild members usually buy up whatever I have for sale because it is so different from what you buy in stores. I have no idea yet what I will do with the alpaca; I just like to make interesting looking, funky yarns. So the alpaca will get blended with silk and bamboo, and then we'll see what it wants to be used for.


We are staying in for the most part, but considering our business is now dead I'm taking any consulting work I can get, which leads to today. I got a call for a GI/Endoscopy clinic I do IT work for every now and then to help out. If we didn't need the money I'd have said no. I got there and had to gown, mask, and glove up just to come in to look at a computer! Not sure I'll be going back no matter what the money.


My wife and I needed something to fill our time and to do something practical. We have started a garden, both in case things go to hell in a handbasket and to keep us busy. We've spent the good part of the last several days building and filling 5 raised beds to grow vegetables in.


Thanks everyone for your awesome and unique stories of handling anxiety. I have to say I'm a news junkie, which I know adds to my anxiety. My son and his wife have been picking groceries up for me as I'm still having sinus problems and I'm beyond grateful to them both.

I have the sweetest little budgie called Penny who I adore and is really good company. I've been trying to teach her little tricks LOL. She's getting there slowly but surely. Gotta love our fur and feather babies. Take care, be safe, and pray this terrible virus soon ends. Ange



I'm sorry if I misunderstand this, but are we not supposed to be staying in our own homes, not going out to meet other people? How are we going to stop the spread if we continue to move about and meet people? People are dying!!

Past Member

I guess this is a perfect example of how different jurisdictions respond differently to the same stimulus. As I understand from my relatives in the UK, people are virtually under lockdown there, being able to go out briefly for some exercise, and out in public only for essentials. My sister-in-law took her car out just to let the motor run for a few minutes; she was stopped by police and told she could do that, but she couldn't get out of the car unless it was for an essential purpose. That is markedly different from how it has been handled in the US. And even in the US, different states are reacting very differently. Some states, as I understand, have taken more drastic measures than have other states. Florida, which is where "looking forward" resides, has come under some criticism for how it is reacting to the coronavirus pandemic.

In Canada, each province or territory has authority to decide how to proceed; each of them has declared its own state of emergency, and has drawn up its own set of operating procedures. All of them, I believe, have shut down all but essential businesses and services, and this will be revisited as information becomes available. On a federal level, all border traffic has been shut down, with the exception of essential border crossing.

The short answer to your (rhetorical) question, 2marilyn2, is, yes, we are supposed to be practicing social distancing, but I think the interpretation of that is colored by one's locale. We can only hope that, as we see more and more of the grim repercussions of not social distancing, we will all come to an understanding that we need to stay in our own homes unless absolutely necessary, and when we must leave our homes, that we need to stay 2 meters (6 feet in American) away from others. Although looking forward didn't specifically say that they were practicing social distancing, let's hope they were.

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