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I thought I'd try to write a song about the stuff we're going through.  I couldn't.  Soi I wrote some words and stole the “Anticipation” melody from Carly Simon.


We just don't know how bad it'll get
especially if we're not careful.
We need to do the proper things
and not just rely on being prayerful.

Pandemication, pandemication
Is driving us nuts but we've got guts
To do what we should to take care of ourselves
And protect the rest of the nation

I'm only talking about how it is for me
And not how it is for others.
It's got to be worse for lots of folks
Maybe most of my sisters and brothers.

What do we do with the little ones
Who just want to go out and play?
Not everyone has a property
With a lawn and a pool each day.

Pandemication, pandemication
Is driving us nuts but we've got guts
To do what we must to take care of ourselves
And protect the rest of the nation

I stopped here because I was pretty sure I'm losing my mind.


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Hi Mike,this is so true we all need to pray and also do our part which a lot of people are not doing. I just found out this morning that the nursing home my son is in has case of the virus. He is 57 years old. It is so easy to spread in a confined place like that. Ther are so many people that are not taking things serious. People walking round no mask, no distancing. anyway thanks for sharing. Stay safe


Excellent Mike.  More talent onboard!


Sorry for your son's situation, Lovely.  Thanks for sharing and know we'll do the prayer thing.

Hey NYtorque, when it's all behind us we'll add a verse or two.  I'll appreciate your help.

Please, all stay safe,



Lovely- I hope your son stays safe!


Lovely-I hope your son stays safe!


Hi Lovely,

I am hoping that your son is strong enough to ward off this dratted virus and that the nursing home is now taking serous precautions. Karen


Thanks everyone for the well wishes and prayers. They were doing good up to now and were taking a lot of precautions. One good thing the worker who has the virus was on a different wing from him. Hoping it will be contained. Again Thanks    Stay safe.


Hi Lovely

My thoughts and prayers are with you ...praying  your Son stays safe ..God bless 




Hello Mike.

I enjoyed the verses and look forward to seeing the finished product!

Best wishes



Yes, people are taking it lightly, lovely, though the danger is real. Particularly bad where I am. Sadly, there are more victims in nursing homes everywhere due to confined spaces like you have mentioned. Wishing you and your son all the very best.

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