Cute Osto-Kittens Available for Adoption!


Hey little girl... you want a cute cuddly little kitten?... just come on in the van... Ok, that's just plain wrong on so many levels!

But I got your attention. My little kittens popped out from behind the feed bin yesterday... and now I can't keep 'em from coming out. Here's a pic... and there's another slate blue one that's not in the pic. They are soooo cute! If anyone wants one just shout... I'll toss one in a box with a couple mice and NextDayAir it to you. Unless you just want some mice... in which case I'll send them regular First Class. But not if you're going to feed them to your snake... my snakes need to eat too, ya know... get yer own damn mice!




Those are adorable, Bob! You are the good daddy!
I have three of my own, so thanks, but no thanks!
Momma looks comfortable with you handling them.
That is a good thing! Nothing like a she devil to shred your new hat!


Hi Pup,

Yeah, Momma cat has been pretty cool. I need to call my rescue friend to find out what my next steps are. Since you're cat-knowledgeable......should I be feeding the kittens....or is Momma still doing that? Do I just go buy some cans of wet "kitten" food..........I assume there is such a thing, since there's puppy food. I really know nothing about raising kittens (as you can plainly tell). Do I need to keep them penned in or something......or should I just let them roam around? I'm guessing they'll come back to Momma at dinner or I just don't want my chickens pecking out their little eyes........chickens always aim for the eyes. Any advice would be appreciated.



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Momma should take care of all of their needs for now but will push them away from Kitty Corner Cafe at about six weeks when they start biting her. That is the time they need to find new a Mommy and Daddy! It is okay to use canned kitty food, but once you start, that is what they will always prefer. Dry kitten chow softened by water at first, and once they get going on that, they will eat just like Mommy. However, many times a day you feed her and will subsidize their needs with your barn rats and snakes. I give mine a can of wet food for a treat now and then, but it is not so good for their teeth. They will need to get deworming and first shots at about 6 weeks old too! 
As for your building a pen or something like that, good luck! I am sure you have always heard about the impossible task of herding cats! You are about to find out, but Mommy will keep tabs on them for a while and fight their battles for them, so hard as you may try, you are going to have problems keeping them confined to any place. A pen may work for a little while. Just shut your barn doors at night to keep the bigger critters out and hope Momma can keep them from going through the cracks! I am sure now that Mommy is okay with your holding them, she may be receptive to moving her home temporarily into your house. 
You can try. If she does not like it, she will let you know. 

Hope this helps!



Cute kitties, Bob.

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Torquey, that's awesome.........I'll put you down for one! 5 more to go........anybody? Don't wait....they're going fast! Mother's Day is just around the corner.....what an awesome kid you'll look like giving your Mom a cute little kitty cat.




Bob, I wish you good luck with your kitties. I am not a cat person, sorry. If you have a local paper, you could run an ad for free kittens.


Very cute! Thank you for the share. We live too far away!


New pic! The orange guy is spoken for. One down......5 to go!



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