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Help with supplies


Hello all,

Not sure how many of you are like me with insurance not providing enough supplies or they are too costly to come out of pocket to purchase, but I located a new place that helps with supplies. If you need help just email them at ****. hope this helps

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Hi  Gettingmylifeback, Thanks for the information but the link did not post. There are also several people on this site that have extra supplies to give to someone who needs help. If you or anyone you know needs help tell them to post in this forum what their needs are.


Sorry about that 


i got convateck supplies waiting tobe mailed.  wht type  manufactured u need?  contact me. Warrior.


I, too, have several boxes, flat and convex, ready to go. Also paste and swabs. Just say the word. 


Thank you guys for those responses, I am now doing well on supplies. I was just letting the community know that there was another nonprofit that was providing free supplies.

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