Mask Etiquette: What Not to Do!


Just a few of the interesting things I thought of not to do while wearing a mask.
Do not rob a bank while wearing a mask! Touching money can still give you the virus.
Do not sing while wearing a mask! The words will come back and hit you in the mouth.
Do not jump out of an airplane while wearing a mask! The mask is not a parachute.
Do not lay down in the path of an elephant while wearing a mask! The elephant's footprint would not look pretty on your mask.
Do not ride a horse backwards while wearing a mask! The horse could swat you with its tail and knock the mask off.

Another one -- If you walk into a bank or store and see it is being robbed, take off your mask immediately.


Thanks Lovely.  I never would've thought of those.


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Hi Lovely,

I believe masks are why banks stopped having lobby hours... and only let you in with an appointment. Here's one not to do while wearing a mask: smile. Don't smile... because they can't see it. Should make all the frowners very happy out there.




Hello Lovely.  Thanks for the smile.

I find these times quite interesting in that people seem reluctant to be seen wearing masks. I made my own masks long before this pandemic, because I was convinced that my heart attack was caused by air pollution.

My masks have a hypoallegenic filter, which filters out the smallest particles of pollution  and enables me to breathe in relatively 'fresh' air. I would often get quizzical looks from people who obviously wondered why I was wearing such a thing. Occasionally, someone would ask me about it and I would explain that pollution was killing more people than most other diseases and, in my opinion, it would not be long before many more people would be opting to wear face masks.

I found it interesting that during lockdown the air pollution levels fell dramatically and it was 'clear' to everyone that something needs to be done about the way we pollute the air (and many other things on our planet).

Hopefully, this pandemic will teach us that we don't have to pollute the atmosphere as we have done in the past and there will be some changes for the better .

Best wishes



Hi Bill,

I agree that there will be many lessons learned from the pandemic, including a better understanding of how much pollution. I have a friend who lives in Los Angeles and has lived there his whole life. He, along with his neighbors, has been amazed at how beautiful the area is now that the smog has dissipated. But unlike you, I'd bet my paycheck that once the go-ahead is given for life to get back to normal, things will go right back to the way they were and the smog will return.   I hope I'm wrong, but human nature seems to suggest it's everyone else's responsibility to make changes for the better, but not theirs. What you might see is the might see MORE smog now that people realize it doesn't permanently damage the landscape.   But let's hope not.



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