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One Benefit of COVID.....But There Must Be More

Posted by w30bob, on Fri Jul 24, 2020 6:29 pm

Hi Gang,

  So I posted the other day how it seems people up in the big city are done with the whole masks and social distancing thing.  But I forgot to mention the one good thing I've been noticing for some time now.....both there and back where I live in Normalville.  Have you noticed that (in general) people are WAY more friendly now that everyone is inconvenienced?  I mean almost to the point of being absurd.  No one has given me the middle finger while driving for what seems like an eternity now.....I'm starting to think I'm going soft or doing something wrong.  In stores, if you hesitate to turn down an isle with your shopping cart, or anyone even crosses your path 15 feet in front of hear a loud "I'm sorry" or such.  At first I just thought it was me, but it's been consistent now over the past few months wherever I go. It adds validity to that old saying "misery loves company" I guess.  And it's not a side effect of the pandemic I would have predicted.  Maybe humans aren't that bad after all.  Yeah, I'm laughing too......but it was fun to say it.  Guess we all just need a common enemy to be mad at so we can all be nicer to each other.  Who'da thunk? 

  Based on this phenom I'm guessing when the Aliens finally show themselves the human race will be the nicest it's ever been to itself.  For however long we have left.  Don't happy!




Reply by Puppyluv56, on Fri Jul 24, 2020 9:44 pm

Haha Bob, 

i live in the south and people are always nice. They may be saying "Bless your little heart" and we all know what that means but it still sounds nice! Lol


Reply by w30bob, on Fri Jul 24, 2020 10:47 pm

Hi Pup,

  Yes, you're right.....folks are friendlier in the South. But folks are less friendly everywhere as the size of the city increases. Friendliness is inversely proportional to population density. When I moved to Southern Maryland from New Jersey back in 1994 I was amazed at how everyone you passed in your car would sstop what they were doing and smile and wave to me. Everyone I walked past in Walmart would say "hi" and ask me how I was doing. Coming from a place where starting a conversation with a stranger usually led to a fight, I was a bit confused why these total strangers cared how I was doing. But as more and more folks moved into the area the niceness lessened and the dirty looks I was used to getting when you said "hi" to a stranger returned. It's still way better than Northern NJ.......but not as "Mayberry-ish" as it used to be. COVID seems to humanize folks for some reason.



Reply by Bagface, on Sat Jul 25, 2020 11:09 am

Very interesting, Bob, but I've noticed just the opposite. When I go to the store, people act almost paranoid. I tried to make a joke of it one day when someone was getting too close to me, and I said in a joking way, "Would you step back a little, please, because I have fleas, ha-ha!" Needless to say, it went over like a lead balloon. By the way, I hope your Mom is doing okay.

Reply by w30bob, on Sat Jul 25, 2020 11:42 am

Hi Bagger,

  Not sure where you are in NY............but you're in NY!  Up by my folks in Northern NJ it's just like you say.  And that's because whenever there's a panic or shortage or the status-quo hiccups for some reason in those population dense areas people immediately resort back to "survival mode" and "me first".  We didn't have all the hoarding of toilet paper, paper towels, etc down here that you guys had..........and the shelves were always full in our supermarkets.  Things that my folks still have to deal with today!  I was at a local Walmart yesterday and they've got pallets of paper towel stacked to the ceiling!  Yet my Mom tells me when they are finally allowed in the store up there they are limited to buying one 3-pack.  So up there "survival tension" still exists and people are on edge.  Combine that with nothing to do all day and always being surrounded by people who could be infected and it sort of makes sense that folks are not acting their best.  What you describe is exactly what my folks tell me it's like up there today.  I think of it as all those folks in population dense areas playing musical chairs.  As long as the music is playing everyone is fine.......but when the music stops........even for a see the real side of folks.  And you'll never hear one of them say to the take my seat!  It's just human nature, but now it's amplified when there's competition.  And I'm not saying everyone is a dick in an emergency.......I'm talking in generalizations. But it seems whenever you put lots of people in a small area.......tempers flare.  Ever been in a crowded bar on a Friday night?



Reply by kmedup, on Sat Jul 25, 2020 12:15 pm

Many interesting observtions for sure.

Edmonton, fondly referred to as Deadmonton for those of that live in the heart of the city, is very quiet with few gatherings; actually, I see more cars and people on bikes than people walking. We are slowly and curiously becoming Little Amsterdam. Those huge F150 trucks who used to get annoyed with the scant bikers, by trying to scare then before, are now yielding and respecting choices. Many 2-lane streets are now divided between walkers/ biker/scooter/skateboarders and automobiles. I also see more families out in full force - all on a bike; no wonder bikes are now the new "toilet paper" here. Can't buy a bike and can't adopt a dog - both are a scarcity. I put my other piano, in Calgary, up for sale in Kijiji and had over 100 replies in the first few hours. Perhaps people are wanting to learn how to play an instrument since they have time now. I haven't set foot in a store since the end of March, just doing a bit of on-line and mostly curbside shopping. Aside from food I haven't really had the "need" or surprisingly the "want" to buy anything else. I have also found more clothes than I thought I had, so am applying the principle of "making-do." That old recipe book has found a prominent place in my kitchen as I am now making meals from "scratch" again. Disposable incomes of yesteryear/month remain as is. I am now making more with less. Great post Bob. K

Reply by w30bob, on Sat Jul 25, 2020 2:13 pm

Hi K, upside to the virus is that people are re-discovering the simple pleasures of life and the importance of family.  All the stuff taken for granted and not thought now being looked at.  But life is a roller coaster.  What goes know the saying.  I hope once we get back to normal people don't revert back to their old ways.......and find they no longer have time for their new-found adopted pets or their new playing a musical instrument.  I also doubt that Los looking better than ever because the smog has cleared......will quickly be covered in smog in record time.  I sure hope I'm wrong.  I like not having traffic reports or having to consider what time of day it is before I take a drive (to avoid traffic congestion).  And how cool is to go to Walmart on a Saturday afternoon and be one of only a handful of people in the whole store!!  I'm enjoying it while I can.  I've met all my neighbors, which is cool........and decided to buy a Kayak.  I guess only time will tell.........but I hope the good parts of this virus thing stick!  



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