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Even in a king-sized bed, sleeping with cats can present problems. If there’s only one cat, she settles down between us and all’s well. In fact, her gentle purring can act as a tranquilizer, soothing you to sleep. It’s much better than counting sheep. But on some nights, a second cat will join the group, and now complications crop up as free space becomes more precious and each cat wishes to guard its little bit of bed space. Petty feline jealousies can also come to the fore, aggravating the situation even further. But let a third cat intrude into the mix, now real issues can present themselves. The little beasties have no sense of what our personal space usually is in the bed, and so if one of them takes over where one of us normally sleeps, we’re faced with the difficult choice of either moving over, or disturbing them. Either way, now the bed is getting downright crowded and middle-of-the-night accidents can occur: a wayward arm flopped upon a sleeping cat, or paws kneading into one’s side. Fortunately, although we have four cats, only three of them ever seek the privilege of sleeping with the humans. The fourth cat prefers her special spot in the family room. But a bed with two humans and three cats can present challenges. And there’s nothing quite like awakening with a cat climbing upon your face.


Another great story Henry. However, there is no way that I would have animals in bed with me as I have enough trouble sleeping without that sort of distraction. All our animals have always been quite content with sleeping in their own quarters.

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ron in mich

Hi Henry, when we were first married, we had a runt of the litter Siamese cat, but what a personality it had. It was the ruler of the house, and some nights it chose to sleep with us. We didn't dare to move a foot too close to her, or that deep growl would start. Also, she was so tiny. Some nights, she would come up to the head of the bed and sleep between our pillows, all curled up.

Two bags

I have two cats, and one single bed, so I can relate to the lack of space. Luckily, it's only in the colder months that they decide to sleep with me. The two cats aren't really besties, so it's my old cat who sleeps next to me at my shoulders, and the newer cat sleeps down by my feet. The purring can be soothing, and I can quite easily go to sleep with the kitty next to me purring. However, they both snore, which can be loud enough to wake me up and be annoying. I usually poke them, or disturb them somehow, or I even tell them to stop snoring, lol. Funny thing, I went through a stage of having some bad dreams, slightly violent, fighting, seeking revenge on certain people who have done me wrong, or treated me badly. I would wake up with my arms and legs kicking violently, sending the cats flying through the air off the bed.


I'm guessing that you and the cats are just like regular married couples:  each thinks the other snores.  

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Audrey Warren
Reply to HenryM

Henry, came across this old post. I have had cats since I was married at 22 (unfortunately my loving husband died from cancer not quite four years into our marriage). I digress.

Les liked animals and had two beagles but he kept them in a pen because he hunted. However, one Halloween while we were giving candy, the kids must have scared a cat who ran into our

home. She disappeared and we remembered her after kids done begging. We discovered her (Chatsy) hiding under a bedspread in the spare room. Long story short, she died 18 years later. She was the kind of cat dog people like! She slept with us and subsequently every cat I've owned has slept with me. I love their company, even if I have to move to accommodate their space.

Currently I have two, one a lover and one who loves on her terms. Both are bedmates.

You're a wonderful writer. Were you a journalist or English teacher? I'm a retired high school English teacher and taught two years at Clemson U. in SC, I'd give you an A on every piece you write.

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