Dogs Meeting: A Hilarious Aussie Bush Poem


The Dogs Meeting

The dogs once held a meeting,
They came from near and far,
Some came by motorcycle,
And some by motor car.
They walked into the meeting hall,
Before around they looked,
Each had to take his asshole off,
And hang it on a hook.
Now when the meeting started
With each mother, son and sire,
A dirty little yellow dog
Jumped up and hollered 'FIRE'!
The dogs jumped up in panic
And had no time to look,
So each one grabbed at random
An asshole from a hook.
They got their assholes all mixed up,
Which made them very sore,
To have to have to wear an asshole
That they've never worn before.
Sometimes it's unbearable,
And if you look around,
You'll see dogs try to make them fit,
By rubbing on the ground.
That's the reason you will see
When walking down a street,
A dog will stop to smell the ass
Of every dog he meets.
That's the reason you will find
A dog will leave a bone,
To go and smell another ass,
To see if it's his own.


Hello Two Bags.

Thank you so much for this rhyme  which raised my spirits no end.  I have sometimes been tempted to indulge in this genre of humorous scripting, but there have always been more serious issues to attend to first, so I have never really got around to it, apart from the odd lymerick to expand my repertoire.

Best wishes



Hey Two bags, I'm not sure if your "poem" was educational, hilarious or both.  I'm goin' with both.

Thanks for the laugh,


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Thanks Two Bags for the belly laugh. Another mystery solved!



Hilarious! Did you write this yourself?


Words of Encouragement from Ostomy Advocates I Hollister

Two bags, too funny




Glad you all enjoyed it, still makes me laugh. Unfortunately, when it comes to writing, the only talent I have is making a shopping list. This poem or limerick has been redone by hundreds of people over the last many years. It could be as old as 70 years or more, definitely a great piece of "Aussie Bush Poetry". I don't know who the original artist was. The earliest I recall hearing this was as a young boy, watching TV, an Australian movie made in the 1950s called Smiley Gets a Gun. I watched this movie a few weeks ago on YouTube, hadn't seen it in like 40 years or more. I just love that limerick and had to share it.

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