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Ostomy Memories of East Rim Trail

This is the best website for people with an Ostomy. So much understanding.

For fourteen years, I lived a twenty-two-minute drive from the east entrance to Zion National Park. Often I would go there by myself to wander along an underused trail, or off the trail, recharging my batteries and getting my head straight. I liked the East Rim trail because it didn’t draw a lot of traffic due to its length (7 mi.) and strenuous nature. But it afforded wondrous views of the canyon, close up exposure to the soaring Navajo sandstone walls, and the biology is interestingly diverse. The multiple switchbacks on the trail provide an elevation gain of over 2,500 feet, so this hike is not for the casual tourist. This is backcountry, a place apart, where a large, black-headed Steller’s jay may land on a pinyon pine limb a few feet from where you sit munching your gorp. I got lucky one day and witnessed an incredibly quick little chipmunk narrowly escape the clutches of a diving red-tailed hawk. The frustrated hawk let out a piercing screech and disappeared into a stand of juniper. I moved on along the narrow trail, feeling quite like I was in a kind of timeless environment, the barely audible voices of the Eternal Choir wafting on the air.   [* I've added a photo of Zion to my photos.]


Hello Henry M.

Yous describe the walk so well it makes (me) the reader feel as if they are there with you. I also liked the photos.

Best wishes


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Absolutely stunningly beautiful photos. The rock formations remind me of the Terra Cotta Warriors. 



I've followed your posts for some time and your message is so clear to me. We're lucky to be here so soak up the joy as much as you can. We're no different from the next person except for the way we empty our bowels!  😜

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