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Frida Kahlo


Frida Kahlo told her husband, "I'm not asking you to kiss me, nor apologize to me when I think you're wrong. I won't even ask you to hug me when I need it most. I don't ask you to tell me how beautiful I am, even if it's a lie, nor write me anything beautiful. I won't even ask you to call me to tell me how your day went, nor tell me you miss me. I won't ask you to thank me for everything I do for you, nor to care about me when my soul is down, and of course, I won't ask you to support me in my decisions. I won't even ask you to listen to me when I have a thousand stories to tell you. I won't ask you to do anything, not even be by my side forever. Because if I have to ask you, I don't want it anymore.”

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Hello xnine. 

Thanks for posting this, as it suits my sense of humour and it motivated me to look up Frida Kahlo, whom I have not come across before. She was certainly a remarkable and talented woman - with a ready wit apparently.

Best wishes



Thanks for posting this I think most people feel this way and not just women. Best wishes and stay safe


Awesome X,

I too will have to look up this Author. Very profound! 


Frida Kahlo! She sounds like somebody I knew!


Not only did she express her thoughts beautifully as evidenced by Xnine's post, she was a wonderful artist too. I wish I had one of her works. There was an artist here whose paintings had some similarity to hers, did not gain much fame till he moved to London and exhibited his paintings there. I had a long association with him. His name was Jamil Naqsh, perhaps one day I will tell that interesting story for the art lovers here. His paintings don't command the prices of Frida Kahlo but are still way up there.



I watched the movie, "Frida Kahlo," on Canadian Netflix a few years back but when I checked they had removed it:( 

However, i also have American Netflix through Express VPN (What’s a girl to do in the middle of our Canadian winters?) and it is still there. It was a great movie, made more intriguing and memorable by the fact that I had visited her house-museum in Mexico City about 5 years ago.

Just, K.


I love Frida! She was one brave lady.  Her relationship with Diego was tempestuous and just a mess but how she loved him.



Thank you for posting Frida words.. she was a strong spirit.

She had lifelong pain from a back injury  after a bus accident when she was very young.. and suffered through the pain of many surgeries to correct the problem.. you will see that in some of her art.. 


I have never owned one of her paintings, but I have always admired her work, and her life. I first became acquainted with her work when I was much younger, after a friend of mine spent a summer in Mexico and had told me about her when she returned to the States. since then, I have seen some of her work (prints, maybe??) at an art gallery, and later at an art show when a picture of one of her paintings was displayed as the artist's inspiration for his own art. She led a fascinating and tempestuous life, and left it much too soon.

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