Time for Change: A Call to Action


So, we're being pretty quiet and cautious here about what has happened over the past four years, and I fear that we have become a bit complacent, always assuming someone else is going to do something. I have always believed opposing sides are capable of expressing their beliefs without anger towards others' opinions. However, these past five years have proven me wrong. There has been no attempt on the part of our elected officials to bring our country together. Apparently, some Americans are incapable of discussing without disparaging. Incapable of voicing reasonable different opinions without picking up arms and threatening elected officials that they want taken out of power. Gretchen Whitmer was my original pick for the ticket but was not considered for the presidential slot. I believe this country needs a major shakeup, all through our legislature. I chose Whitmer and Andrew Yang as a ticket because their opinions and histories rebuke pretty much everything that has come to pass. I believe we need folks with a new perspective. I believe the world has changed and things need to change in order to progress. I believe there are many changes to our structural political system that must happen if we have hope of our democratic republic surviving. We need to study past histories, especially those that have been around far longer than our youngster, America. I believe we must start anew. Remember, as strong as Rome was, although he may not have started the fire, and he may not have really played the violin while she burned, Nero certainly used the situation for his own political gain by letting it burn to the ground. Are we doing the same?

Please enjoy this song which seems to voice my feelings and emotions. I have already voted on Sept 25, with my absentee ballot handed right to the legal election counters -- legal here in NC in spite of preventive attempts by Tillis, Burr, DeJoy, and Meadows, our vote suppressing gerrymandering representatives from NC who no longer work here but who ended up on the WH payroll. Check out Matchbox20 on YouTube -- "How Far We've Come". It is up to us, we the people, to develop our country to serve all of us. Do this by voting. Vote 2020.

Also, just a reminder, Alternate Routes -- "Nothing More" -- let it remind us that we are love.



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Thank you for this post. We in Canada are watching all of this, holding our collective breath. We can only helplessly watch and hope; what happens in your country profoundly affects our own. The swamp has only grown deeper and murkier in the past four years. You are right to ask people to not expect someone else to fix this.


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Gene and I have taken steps to keep our passports handy. Nbsp; We won't give up on America, nor will we ever relinquish our citizenship and our vote, but if things go as badly as they can, we will travel for a year or two... or four. Nbsp; I don't think I'd mind spending time on a beach in Peru before sunrise swallows it, or time on a mountain in Patagonia before the sky is no longer clear, or to enjoy some tropical forest before we burn it to the ground. Nbsp; It's a big world out there with lots still to see.   :-)



Hello Dadnabbit.

I do agree that your present leaders need to be changed, but what you describe as undesirable is what I see creeping into politics throughout the world. It could be said (and indeed has been said) that our own government is a mirror-image of the USA at the moment, in that we are perpetuating an anti-immigration policy and trying to exclude as many refugees as possible. This is not out of any rational logic - but pure (if covert) hatred and discimination.  All the rhetoric about 'making Britain great again' is really just a ploy so that those families who used to be the slave-traders of the past, can once again manipulate the legislature for their own profit, greed and desire to dominate the rest of the population.

There should be some way that these people could be managed and controlled, but as yet I see very few signs that this is happening.  Perhaps it's time we had a new 'moral' order, with values that do not emanate from the marketplace. 

This past few years has been a bonanza  for rhymes about political 'bullying'. However, so that I do not get embroiled in a discussion about politics across the pond at this time, I will leave you with one that I penned in 2015 - before the present encumbents of power came into office.  Indicating that maybe things are getting worse, rather than better.

Best wishes



Bully strategies don’t happen
only with the overt weapons
such as with a gun or knife
to ruin someone else’s life.

Of course they’ll use the tools of war
for that’s what they have made them for.
But these are battle deciders
mainly used on outsiders.

The tanks and bombs and the arms race
would seem a must to be in place.
To defeat the epitome
of what they call an enemy.

But in civilian life it’s true
they still will want control of you
so it will need a different skill
and this would look like overkill.

They have a need to dominate,
take the lead and then dictate.
But if they kill or maim us all
their basic aims go to the wall.

There would be nobody that’s here
to be the subjects of their fear.
So they use other weaponry
to keep us all in helotry. (serfdom)

They have used hypocrisy
to weaponise democracy
using laws with wile and stealth
to feed greed and excessive wealth.

But even on a smaller scale
bullies often will be male.
Using other forms of strength
to bully others at some length. 

                             B. WITHERS 2015


Hi Bill,

Even from 2015---so timely. Do we ever learn? I'm sorry to have America have to own the attitude of your Boris Johnson who seems to revere our so often incompetent and failed POTUS. I fear the problem is that we have lost our understanding of what morals and ethics truly are, and we don't seem able to discern between opinions and values. It's scary but I do not believe that we are so foolish as to not take necessary steps to realign our worlds, globally, to continue on to grow and understand everyone in our enormous world.



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Hey Bill,

Viable proof that money is the root of all evil. LOL   The ones that really irritate me are those who rail against socialism trying to call it that nasty "progressive movement",

all while I pay to school their kids -- a fine socialist program.   When did societal concern and responsibility become so abhorrent?   Why don't we give a damn about all humanity?




Hi, Nancy

I believe a great deal of the U.S. citizenry - and perhaps other countries', as well - have truly become more dependent on our elected & appointed government officials over generations. These "leaders" have been placed upon pedestals - and also believe they have been given the steering wheel of our Republic, forgetting the Constitutional reality of why they are in office: to serve their constituencies for the higher good of this Nation, and the World.

If there is blame to be placed, I recommend it be at the feet of the voters. Many have handed over their trust of running this country - whether it be well or into the proverbial ground - blindly to those installed in office. Many are not comfortable with how their localities, states and Nation are legislated, but they are familiar with the current state of affairs that has developed over time, and fear any other change, presuming it will create even more discord, division. Why? Because of the Us vs. Them Lie fomented by too many leaders, and which is entrenched in our society. And because of the insidious myth of outrageous and decimating decline created by change that has been planted and fostered in voters' minds by those who wish to remain in power, on ALL sides, telling the public that the Change offered by Them is to be feared. And once the voter believes this, it can also lead to the belief that voter power to create positive change is impotent. Limited. Bound. Destroyed. All by fear - a voracious lion fed by its adept handlers.

And when public officials redefine and weaponize words, it is up to the Citizen to take the initiative to research and reveal Truth, and then to call out the individuals and institutions twisting citizens' intent to their own means, and abusing the Public Trust. We must be responsible in holding them accountable with our voices and our votes.

Let us, All, educate ourselves and our youth about these truths we hold to be self-evident...that all people are created equal, that we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.



I am speechless about what is happening to our southern neighbor - and for those of you that know me - speechless is a rare thing. So, I found this article that says, in a much better way, what I am thinking about.

Hi you; it's me:

I feel like a kid stuck in the backseat of a too-long road trip. I'm hungry. I'm tired. I have to pee. The car is hot, but we're moving too fast to open the windows. The radio is stuck on a horrifying loop of Ted Nugent songs. The driver is screaming something about the suburbs, refusing to wear a mask, and shedding coronavirus.

This is what it feels like to be sane in the United States of America right now. We're trapped in a car careening toward a cliff's edge. Two tires have already blown out. We're going down the wrong side of the road. And the driver is the president.

Miles ago, we tried to call for help. Miles ago, we were pulled over, but the police let the driver continue and forced us to remain in the vehicle. This was after we found out the driver caused multiple fatal accidents, lacks insurance, is drunk, and never even had a license.

"Give him a chance," some of the other passengers said. "He'll get the hang of this driving thing." When he plowed through a living room they said driving has "a steep learning curve." When he sideswiped a school bus they blamed the "distracting" yellow paint. When he intentionally careened through a clearly-marked minefield they said, "Don't be such a wuss."

We don't have to stay in this car or on this road. We can bring this maddening journey to an end. We outnumber the driver and his excuse-makers by a wide margin. We can pull the brake, open the doors, get in a new vehicle, and head in a new direction. We can drive away from the precipice and toward an oasis.

We can head toward a place that is more beautiful than anywhere we've been. We can eat and drink and rest. We can laugh again and sing our own songs that remind us why road trips can be awesome which has less to do with where we're going than how we travel.

Make your voting plan. Study your ballot up and down. Make sure every vote is counted. When it is, this horrible trip will be over, and we can start a new journey together without Ted Nugent killing the vibe.

The Recommentunde Newsletter via Just, K.

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Excellent analogy, Karen! Thanks for posting this.




Maybe, just maybe, this is how the "Chinese Fire Drill" began. The newest version -- can't handle the driver, jumped out at the light but ran away instead of even attempting to become the driver...?

Your analogies are always spot on.




Hi, O'mates

To jump on this analogy train, let me say this: I've been in this car for too long, being criticized as a "backseat driver", because I still believe my opinion should be heard as to where we go on this trip, what music is played on the radio, what roadside diners to stop at to nourish us and rest.

So...who is the stranger who hi-jacked the car? And, why are they speeding 80 mph in the 65 mph zone?? Are we in that big of a hurry to get to Hazard? Wasn't our original destination Truth Or Consequences?

I wanna go home...



Travel for a year!! Lucky you. Sounds great! I am pretty frightened about what could happen here... It's been an outrageous turn of events. As a previous proud American, I am horrified by the lack of decency, respect, and humanity that has brought our country to its lowest. May we have cause to rejoice after the post-drama of this election.


This planet's on fire - Sammy Hagar song!

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I never thought I would see the U.S. in such a shambles but not surprised.

You see, we started wrong, dadnabbit! We are the original gangsters!

We used our weapons and by whatever means necessary, including murder, rape, and tearing families apart, to get what we wanted.

Then we used the same techniques to build this country on the backs of people who didn't want to be here and who have never benefited from the wealth they created.

Those responsible for these atrocities are still in control and are running the show.

The laws written to disenfranchise so many have been written into our very constitution. The laws that govern us.

You're right! We are going to hell in a handbasket! And what amazes me most is that so many people like things just as they are.

The whole thing needs to be dismantled and rewritten, and we both know that's not about to happen.

I do my small part and pray for us all.


Regarding voting and voting choice - the majority will get what they voted for, when all is said and done. You will have to deal with whatever the consequences may be – so no complaining. It is what it will be.

A piece of advice I have followed for decades, and that I learned from one of my mentors, is to look at all sides of the coin – listen to media outlets on BOTH sides, listen to politicians on both sides, be critical of Facebook and social media platforms because they only represent one side and a lot of it is based on belief, not fact - so that you will have a good understanding of what is truth and what is last minute rhetoric (and a few words I learned from the US – falsehoods and alternative facts.)

Research is paramount as your choice will depend on the quality of health care, education, infrastructure, etc. you will have over the next 4 years – possibly the next decade. Will you be one illness away from not getting health insurance because you had covid or diabetes etc. Will education be so expensive, only the rich qualify.

In Canada, I have voted for different parties depending on their platforms over the years. I am loyal to no one. Situations change over time. For instance, I am now more fiercely interested in alternative energy options and no longer in oil and gas – because it is in my backyard (Alberta stood for big oil for years) and it is polluting my dear province. I speak from direct experience. I know what the oil industry did to small towns, lakes and farming communities. I taught "Introduction to the Oil and Gas Industry" in trade schools for over a decade. I have facts now, not beliefs.

More importantly, when we have elections in Canada, I have to research to see what the Liberal, Progressive Conservative and New Democratic parties stand for. What does liberal or progressive conservative mean – not just my interpretation of what I think it means or what my neighbor or church league told me it means. Does the candidate truly represent the party platform? I think politicians should have lesson plans like teachers – and then be evaluated on their accomplishments – not just promises - just to get elected.

People voted for Pierre Elliot Trudeau (our current Prime Minister's father) because he was charismatic and a "swinger." What was his legacy after the dust settled? And that is another topic.
Does smart and good-looking go hand-in-hand. Beauty is only skin deep – is there substance as well. Just because someone is good looking, has nothing to do with their intentions, capabilities and past accomplishments. Good looking is not synonymous with smart.

I do not have to register for any party as my vote is secret – as it should be – even when I mark that "X." I have never contributed – money-wise – to any political campaign in Canada ever – we don't have to. Money doesn't determine who wins here. As an instructor, I value being respected over being liked. I come from a long family of political party representatives (both provincial and federal) and some, rather than represent their constituents, politic steadily until the next election – so in actuality, they did not work on my behalf. They were more concerned about what's in it for them rather than what's in it for the public.

That's what public service is all about – serving the public.

I have hopes and wishes for your next election... as the results trickle down or up to Canada. I notice that we are adopting some unwelcome traits locally now – anger, ugliness, name-calling, putting women down, pure non-professionalism and lying (which is a religious sin according to my scant bible knowledge.) I teach Business Communication and putting emails in bold, underlined, all caps misspelled words means disrespect and screaming... like a toddler demanding attention. Is this a world I want for my children, where "your word stands for nothing." I remember writing in grade school about becoming the Prime Minister. Do our elected professionals, role model proper behaviour for our children

Sometimes the choice is difficult but I choose professionalism, honesty, knowledge, and empathy over all else. After all, we are human beings. It is difficult to soar like an eagle when you are a vulture and you work with turkeys. I like to surround myself and work with highly qualified people – because they make me look good too.

Best of luck in your upcoming election. People from all over the world are watching.

Just, K.

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Even though the 1st Amendment gives everyone the right to speak, in my humble opinion, I feel this is not the forum for politics. As far as your love for Gov. Halfwhit, those of us who live under her thumb "rule" would disagree with you. I believe in a lot of things; however, I do not believe in people illegally entering this country, building up outrageous student debt, and expecting others to bail them out, the out-of-control "protesting" which has become no more than the pandemonium of thugs, looters, and so on. I am all for taking care of our planet, conservation, and the common-sense use of resources. Yes, so many things are out of control; we have become a throw-away society, people have no respect for authority or others. It's time we return to being responsible citizens with respect for those who live by the rules, contribute to society in a productive way, just actions, and the return to the common good for the common man. I'm all in favor of voting for those who do not make the best speech and tell people what they want to hear, but those who are doers and not go to public life to build their own personal wealth.



Much of what you said, I also agree with - especially the part about common sense, living by the rules and respecting others. Sometimes when there is a lot at stake, the two sides forget about those attributes and ugliness and divisiveness is the result.

I always say that if one doesn't exercise their right to vote (whichever way they choose) one should also not have the right to complain afterwards.

Being an ostomate, which is a pre-existing condition, could affect healthcare for many of my American relatives and friends (who might have different pre-existing conditions) - especially if they lose their job and no longer have employer coverage. This is where I see this discussion fitting in on this site. We have a vested interest.

Not all will agree with me but if we all thought the same, identical way, it would be a very boring world. Thinking brings change and sometimes change is a good thing.

Just, K



So sad that you reverted to name calling Governor Gretchen Whitmer "Gov. Halfwhit" -- it speaks volumes. Governor Whitmer used her legal authority to safeguard all of her citizens. The Supreme Court in Michigan did not feel that was her right. We will see who was on the right side of that battle at the end of the tally of deaths. I did not call POTUS names, only listed facts--he has been incompetent and very inconsistent and erratic in his half-truths, and he has incited hatred and division among Americans. He has also encouraged the type of actions that put your governor's life and the lives of her family in danger.

I do not support illegal immigration, but the way to stop it is not a wall or children in cages. We have laws in place and it would be a good thing to implement them by holding employers responsible for their illegal employees. I also do not support forgiving debt already assumed, even student loans, unless through bankruptcy, but I have no problem with paying for continued education. First, it must become law so that there are requirements in place. How else will we -- the USA -- stay competitive in the world? Because I support change does not mean I follow any particular "rule", as we are not a monarchy but instead a democratic republic and as such, we are not supposed to be "ruled". We are supposed to have a voice, many of which are being ignored in America right now. The protests against the Vietnam War were also misunderstood by the different parties and it caused much vitriolic discourse in the late 60's and early 70's. Those of us who understood that sometimes the only way for change to occur is to suffer the repercussions of differences of opinions held fast to our beliefs and brought our boys home. It did not mean that we did not support them, in fact, the exact opposite. This election will determine if we revert to being democratic, or if we continue on to the autocracy that our president has decided is his right to assume, to rule this "kingdom". I hope America is not as lost as it appears.

BTW, no one has to answer any particular post and so no one should take offense to any discussion, as long as it is a civil discussion. Everything happening is related to our everyday lives. In this election, the issue closest to home here on this site is medical coverage and social security. You are aware, aren't you, that POTUS has stopped payroll deductions (which pay for SS) from the paychecks of all government employees and military, with no choice given to the person who pays these taxes only to their employers, the government. If he loses come January, those funds will be owed by those employees. On Aug 10th, POTUS stated that if he wins, he will forgive those owed taxes but then he will terminate that tax permanently depleting social security by 2023. Funding for SS disability will run out by mid-2021. Ostomy supplies are expensive. If he is re-elected and the House turns Republican, the damage to uncountable seniors in this country will be devastating. That affects all Americans, but disproportionately it affects low-income seniors.




"As far as your love for Gov. Halfwhit, those of us ..."

OMG, I read wrong. I thought this was a spelling error as I am not that familiar with state leaders - but this is nothing other than degrading name-calling and after a bit of research - I found out this person is also a woman who has been threatened because of a call to protect her citizens from a virus that is out-of-control. That is a tough position to be in and I admire her courage.

Now I see how where this rhetoric is coming from.

I wholeheartedly disagree with anything that degrades women; I have a sister, daughter, granddaughters, female students, had a wonderful mom, and I am glad their significant others respect and respected them even if there are/were differences of opinion. Nbsp; So - we do disagree but then that is our prerogative. By the way people represent themselves, we can tell a lot about their character. This is a great steep learning curve.

Just ... another woman who must make decisions as well for the good of both male and female students. There might even be someone out there calling me a "halfwhit." Oh - what a difference a word makes!


I hope Mags wins.


"I will be bold to take my leave of you." The Bard



WHOOSH!!! :-)




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