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Yes, I have a bag, but I will bring you laughs, and genuine friendship


I moved to Lady Lake FL last October. Like the classic rock bands in the Squares and various bars/restaurants. Covid has put a damper on that. Looking for female friend, wine and dine, home and out , go hear live music (classic rock and roll), dance, talk often, swap listening to all our little problems, and laugh a lot. Me: retired, lived in So Cal for 30 years, owned a small but humble mortgage company by day, was a stand up comic for 15 years by night, had quite a following, some were even alive. Have Masters in Finance. Big deal, not really. But some ask about education.
I am 6' and 150. Financially secure, And I need a haircut. (Finally got one.) Like different cuisines, let's try them all. Start with email or phone chat until the plague goes away. Wine and cheese? Pizza, pasta? Chicken in cognac crème? Don't be scared. You might make a great friend. Possibly more than just a friend. Let's just have fun and laugh a lot. Disclaimer: Two years ago I was diagnosed with bladder cancer, declared cancer free early this year. Let's celebrate! Photos upon request.

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Hello Jackkau.

Just to welcome you and wish you luck in your quest.

Best wishes



Hi Jackkau Welcome to the site hope you find all you are looking for. Best wishes and stay safe.


Greetings from a fellow Floridian.  You have an interesting bio; you must be for real.  Stay safe.


Welcome Jack. You seem to have a great attitude and we’re a good group to share with. Glad you’re beating the bladder stuff. I did.

We’ll probably share a laugh or two and we can be quite serious when necessary.

I also had a financial advisor who was a comedian but he didn’t know it. Seems he was the only one laughing on his way to the bank with our money. We got smart, he got three years then probation.



Welcome! We can always use a few laughs around here! We have a few that keep us in a chuckle but always room for more! Hope you find what you are looking for! You have moved to the right state! I would love to move there also! One day maybe! Go ther for vacation a lot! Actually coming down for Thanksgiving. First time there in the winter but with Covid, we are doing lots of different things. Come on cruise ships! I am so ready to sail! Lol

Glad you have kicked cancer's ass! I have been cancer free for one year last month! Feels good doesn't it. 
Take care,




Wonder what they count when they rate you. Over All? Looking at profiles, comments on the forum, emails. Kinda wonder. I have been first and been on the bottom but always on the list!! Nice ! 


I think it is the one that post the most. But not real sure best wishes stay safe.

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