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I may not be the prettiest woman. Average is fine, but I'm me. I love to eat more than I should. I have scars because I have a history. Some people love me. Some people dislike me (their loss). Some may even block and hate me (bless their hearts). I have done good. I have done bad. I don't always get my hair all fancy. I am random and silly. I don't pretend to be someone I'm not. I'm not the smartest, but I'm not dumb. I am who I am. I hope that if our paths have crossed, I've treated you with kindness and if not, then I'm sorry.

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What a lovely sentiment!!

Best wishes



Great post!  I cannot imagine anyone not being attracted to you.  If i still lived in Utah, I'd shoot down and buy you a beer.  Of course, I'd bring my wife, but I suspect that you could handle that, right?  Keep the faith and stay well.


Hi Ritz,

  I hear ya.  I'm a lot like you.  I'm not the prettiest woman either, heck, I'm not even a woman! But I'm not real good with "Average".  Reminds me of "mediocre", "run of the mill" or "ordinary" it gives me motivation to be better at everything (or at least keep trying).  Just my philosophy, so pretty useless in the grand scheme of things.  Some people do love me.  And I love both of them right back.  Dislike me?  There's probably a small telephone book's worth.....but hey, you can't please everyone. that's a strong word.  You have to have a pretty dark heart to actually "hate" someone, so while I'm sure there are those that "dislike" me......I hope I haven't done anything to drive someone to actually "hate" me.  Yup, done good and bad....but have no hair, as I enjoy the "white trash, racist, bigot, must support Trump" look.  Hey..............wait a minute..........ummmm.....maybe there ARE some out there that actually "hate" me!  Poor twisted glad I'm not one of them's gonna be tough explaining that to Saint Peter at the Pearly Gates! 

  Yes, I never pretend about anything......outgrew that years ago.  Definitely not the smartest or dumbest, and definitely am who I am.......I just asked myself to be sure, and I said yes, I am.  As for having crossed paths with someone and not treating them with kindness.........if that was the case I'm pretty sure I had good reason to not be I'm a little short on the sorry.  I think all those I've misjudged have been apologized to at the time of this I'll stand pat on how I treated the others, at least for now. 

  You missed "regrets".  Of those I have a the time I was pissed and in a hurry, thought my transmission was in reverse.....revved it up and dumped the clutch.....only to find out that I was in "first" gear and there was a huge concrete parking lot light pole base in front of my car.  Then, to add insult to injury......on the way to my house the tow truck dropped my car, tearing off the whole front end.  And I've got a few others.  

  Hey, you sound like a truly wonderful person. My hat's off to ya!  Thanks for the post!




If you like Ritz you can not be all bad.


I hope you are infectious. We all need some of YOU:) Just, K.


Ah, a quick read shows how really inspirational you are.   Stay safe .Enjoy the journey 😎


Bob.... you're right , I missed regrets and I missed secrets. I do have several thru a dozen regrets , at least. But they all have a great story and a good outcome for most involved.I don't sweat on my regrets as they pass by in the wind never to feel again .  Now secrets are another issue. That I have none . I'm an open book, I answer truthfully even though sometimes maybe I shouldn't, but it's who I am . I have face to face apologized to anyone I've ever hurt . I like your reads 


Hi Ritz,

  Ahh.....Secrets!  Yeah, can't go there..........otherwise they wouldn't be "secrets", now would they?  They'd also throw me in the clink......I work for the Dept of Defense, so I can't spill 'dem beans or I'd go to the Federal Pen and would probably get Corn Pop as my cell mate. And we all know what Joe said...."Corn Pop was a BAD DUDE".  Getting chills just thinking about it!

  And thanks for liking my's always nice to have a fan!  Let me know when you get the SBS book!





I spit out all my secrets one day ...all of them in one day .'s refreshing ! 


hello and howdy

I love your post and identify with it completely - 72 this month, full figured and content with who I am.  Thank you for sharing this made my day!  Judi

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