Looking for Callard & Bowser candy memories and flavors - help needed!


When I was a kid, one of my favorite candies was Callard Bowser's licorice taffy. It came in that flat rectangular grey brick box and was so sophisticated compared to my usual kid's candy favorites.....I mean each piece was individually wrapped!! It was expensive too. But it was sooooo good! It's no longer made unfortunately, but I did find a recipe on the Facebook Callard and Bowser page that I'm going to try that claims to taste exactly like the original.....we'll see. But I wanted to see that grey box again and surprisingly found only this one pic on the web.......which seems funny for how popular it was. Seeing this caramel flavor got me thinking, what other flavors did it come in? I remember the store display and there were a number of flavors, i.e., different colored boxes.......but for the life of me, I can't remember what they were. But I'm sure my UK friends will know......so if you recall the additional flavors.......please shout out. And if anyone has a pic of that grey box.......I'd love to see it again.



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Hello Bob.

I'm afraid Callard and Bowser confectionary was always way outside our price range and it was even more out of reach during rationing, which lasted in the UK quite a while after WW2.  However, your post did prompt me to try to find something on the WWW about the firm, and I came across this site- which proffers a very interesting history of Callard & Bowser. 


Best wishes


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Hi Bob, here is a link for a lot of pictures of Callard Bowser's candies. Not sure if these are some you remember. They are tins instead of boxes.



Hi guys!

Thanks for the links.....interesting history. Lovely, I checked Etsy, Google, eBay......etc. What's weird is that there's no pics anywhere, except the one I posted, that shows the cardboard boxes of the different flavors that I remember......and they were very popular back in the 70's. I mean they were in supermarkets, my local deli, newsstand, etc.......so it wasn't a "rare" or hard to find candy. I do remember there were times when many flavors were sold out.......so the product sold well. That's why it's odd that there are no pics of that product line anywhere. I can easily find pics of every other popular candy from that timeframe.......maybe I imagined it. But I must have a GREAT imagination because I can still remember the creamy toffee texture and great licorice (anise) flavor. I sure ate a shitload of it! I'll keep looking......there has to be pics somewhere.




Ok, here's a pic from the 60's of one flavor. This is similar to what I remember except these look like a paper foil wrapping......and by the 70's they changed to a hard paper box. But the shape of the brick is the same. Onward..........




Bob the hunter!....Well played, sir...


I remember the licquorice, mint and creamline toffees. They used to be a special treat.

A favourite of mine used to be taking one of the mint toffees and one of the creamline toffees and sandwiching them together....


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Yup! The display in my local deli had a whole host of flavors, identified by the color of the thin brick shaped box. I'll have to check the old interweb to see if there are any new pics of these great candies. Maybe since I first posted this people have uploaded some more info.



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