Ostomy Memories & Motorcycle Dreams


In 1971, I sold my beloved Triumph motorcycle, and I’m still having motorcycle dreams today, fifty years later. Of course, I could always enroll in the required cycle safety course, add a cycle certification to my driver license, and go buy a bike. In fact, I find myself fantasizing about doing that all the time, and certainly the night dreams illustrate my continuing preoccupation with climbing onto another motorcycle. But it’s not going to happen. Even on my morning walks, I can tell that my internal gyroscope is showing signs of aging. And why not? It’s the same age as me. So, I figure getting a new bike would be more likely to do me in than Covid-19. We all have our fantasies, right? Perhaps I need to focus more on the one where I’m in bed with Nicole Kidman. That might embarrass me but it won’t kill me.

Hello HenryM.

Having already had one heart attack, I'm not so sure that the Nicole Kidman dream would not be killing me. However, my motor cycling days were over in the 1960's when some idiot pulled out in front of me and knocked me off on the pretext that he did not see me!! I figured then, that four wheels were safer than two. I do now pedal cycle, but I have been knocked off that three times, all by articulated lorries overtaking and then pulling in without looking to see if it was safe. At least on a pedal cycle I was not going fast enough not to take evasive action.  My attitude nowadays is that (with increasing numbers of vehicles mounting pavements to kill pedestrians), we really don't know what will be our final end. Much of my valuable leisure time is spent walking in the woods and fields, but many of our ancient woodlands are almost as dangerous as the roads, with the branches falling off without notice and not many people around to come to the rescue. I figure that we just have to enjoy the time that we may or may not have left and leave the worrying to someone else.

Best wishes


<p>I can't think of a better way to spend leisure time than walking in the woods and fields.&nbsp; I guess at our age, a skateboard is out, eh?&nbsp; <br /><br /></p>
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Have a look at the Can-Am Spider. You can still get the wind in your face.


This is where I'm heading when two wheels don't work anymore.


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<p>Man, those are some wild looking trikes!<br /><br /></p>

Yes, I had one for a few years and yes, it was very enjoyable. But I kept my Harley as well, and at 68, I still ride it! Not across the country anymore, but I would love to find someone to at least ride across Florida with... all my issues considered! Not totally sure I could unless with a very understanding partner!

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