A Soulful Journey: Total Solar Eclipse Captured in Photos


I made this video a few years ago when we had the total solar eclipse here in the States. These photos touched my soul so much that I wanted to share them somehow. All photos are real images of the solar eclipse...some of the photos are simply incredible! I have always loved studying the universe, and I literally think when I leave this Earth, I will be there....part of something amazing. I hope you can feel what I was trying to convey by the images and music. Even though it is not professional and was made using Windows Movie Maker (lol) I think it shows something amazing. This is me, and this is where I will be one day. Take a moment to relax, breathe deep, and I hope you enjoy it!


Thank you for sharing your video. I drove 10 hours to experience the total eclipse in the Smoky Mountains that day a few years ago. Surreal and definition of awe-inspiring. Your video is fantastic on its own, and brought back great memories.


Nice video, thanks for sharing. Best wishes and stay safe.

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Hey Kat, I think your work is incredible and I thank you for sharing.  The videography is terrific but your imagination and creativity go well beyond.  You must also be a very patient person.

Just my opinions and I thank you, again.




Kat, such beautiful images of cosmic mysteries and human strength.

Thank you for sharing part of your soul.


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Hello Kat.

Thanks for sharing your video. What an incredible selection of contextual representations of contrasting scenes and emotional perceptions.  I enjoyed every moment and I liked the accompanying music as well.

You are so talented to have put this together. 

Best wishes


PS: The very last image (of the lion), is reminiscent of a painting I have of a self-portrait of a man who had what was euphemistically called 'lion's disease'. He too, was a very talented artist, and would have appreciated your work no end.


I loved this!  Very well done well matched with the music.


Thank you :)   I love that kind of stuff! Nice to meet you!


It was a sight to behold for sure. I'm such a "space geek" lol. I start thinking about how small we are in the scheme of things and it just fascinates me. Did you get any photos of it?


Thank you. Lovely!


Thank you, Mike! I am pretty patient! I really appreciate your kind words. That video is special to me for some reason. It just reminds me how awesome life is and the beauty of the universe of which we are such a small part.


Thanks, Lily! I am so glad you like it. I am just fascinated by things like that....and seeing this was incredible!


I love the image of the lion! Thank you so much for the compliments :)  I made it with Windows Movie Maker, which is primitive by today's standards lol! I really should get a good program and get back into it. My favorite photo is the one where the animals in the tree are watching it! Hope you have a great day (or is it night there?)


Very nicely done, something spiritual stands out. You are not the only one touched by it.


Thanks! It makes me happy to know you get it ....   That is what I wanted to convey   :)


Pretty cool cat!! Thanks for posting that!




Hi Kat, this is just beautiful and the music you chose was a perfect match. Well done. You are obviously a very creative person.



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