Ostomy Memories of Eight Flicks #6


“The Postman” is a 1997 post-apocalyptic action-adventure with Kevin Costner as star/producer/director. In a neo-western world following unspecified apocalyptic events, Costner plays a loner forced into a neo-Nazi militia run by a smart/crazy leader scheming to take over whatever is left of the country. Costner escapes, adopts the identity of a mail carrier, and almost accidentally finds himself providing hope for a better future to survivors holed up in scattered enclaves. He eventually triumphs and is mythologized. Although he made some great movies over the years, this one was a major critical failure and a box office bomb ($80 million budget, $20.8 box office). Notwithstanding that it was universally panned: “fatally self-serious,” “bogus sentimentality,” “pretentious,” & “way too long” (177 min.), I liked it! I give Costner credit for taking on meaningful subjects and dramatizing them on film. In all fairness, I should note that it won in five categories at the Razzies: worst picture, worst actor, worst director, worst screenplay, and worst music. That could conceivably mean that I have the worst taste in films.  I continue to insist, however, that it's worth watching.

Hello HenryM.

I am sure I have said before that I am not a movie goer. However, my wife has persuaded me to go to a few in the past because 'everyone raves about them'. Interestingly, neither I, nor my wife thought these films were any good at all and we certainly would not be recommending them to anyone else. Perhaps we too are part of that selective few who do not necessarily agree with the critics or the fans about their choices when it comes to good (or not so good) films. 

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<p>Well, here's a redundency for you, Bill:&nbsp; opinion is entirely subjective.&nbsp; What some people regard as entertaining, others find awful.&nbsp; Reaction to some of my posts might be considered an example of that.&nbsp; Your posts, on the other hand, appear to be universally adored.&nbsp; I like to ruffle feathers occasionally; I plead guilty to that.&nbsp; While I realize that the primary purpose of this website is for communication re ostomy issues, people with ostomies are still PEOPLE, with interests beyond their stomas, and this is supposed to be a social venue.&nbsp; I really enjoy hearing from people all over the world here.&nbsp; Stay well.<br /><br /></p>
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Hi Henry, while I admit that I have seen a few Kevin Costner movies just for the "eye candy" factor, The Postman is not one of them. I may just check it out on your recommendation. As far as what the critics have to say, if you read the same critic's reviews for long enough, you can predict which movies you will like or dislike, as in, "Well if this guy likes the movie, I know I will hate it", or "If this guy hates the movie, it might just be OK".



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