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I ADMIT FAILURE. My desire was to write a positive, apolitical, amusing little post about the coming of the new year. I can’t do it. To begin with, under the circumstances, with an estimated 1.8 million people dead of Covid-19 worldwide, over 344,000 and counting here in the USA, and no end in sight, I’m not feeling particularly positive about the immediate future. In addition, although the Republican albatross is getting shoved kicking and screaming out of the nest, I wouldn’t want his replacement’s job. He’s being asked to clean up an oil spill and being handed a semi-absorbent cloth with which to do it. Finally, as perhaps is obvious, I have such strong feelings about all this that I’m simply incapable of being anodyne about it. So… HAPPY NEW YEAR AND STAY WELL. We’ll talk next year.


Hello HenryM.
Thank you once again for a truly thought provoking and inspirational post.
I have written a few rhymes about Covid 19 and many more about politics and politicians. However, I have rarely ever contemplated the transition period from one year to the next. This is probably because I tend not to think, or be guided by clocks and calendars, but more by the seasons and the centuries.

It was interesting that you began your post with an admission of failure, and yet you continued to supply us with a great, concise version of your thought-for-the-day.
I (and I am sure many others) have thoroughly enjoyed your contributions to our discussions during 2020 and look forward to hearing from you again in 2021.
Below is a rhyme specifically composed to accompany your post, ‘which’ I hope you enjoy.

Best wishes

A VIEW FROM 2020 to 2021.

As we’re nearing the end of year
we may look back and shed a tear
for all those people who have died
and friends who subsequently cried.

An end of year often brings hope,
but this year people did not cope
and things are looking to get worse
beneath this cloud of Covid curse.

For those who are the cognoscenti, (experts)
this back end of 2020
should not have come as a surprise
with a pandemic of this size.

With nearly two million people dead,
these numbers running through my head
are simply overwhelming me,
for this is a catastrophe.

I thought I would be glad, not sad,
but 2020 was so bad
I cannot help myself but think
the human race is on the brink.

This New Year’s looking pretty bleak,
although I hear the experts speak
of vaccines and an end in sight,
I’m sceptical that they are right.

You see, they’ve told so many lies,
it should not come as a surprise
that people like me don’t believe
the words of those who would deceive.

I hope the end of ‘21
will see the end of Covid come.
I also hope we learn from this
how easily we can come amiss.

                                       B. Withers 2020

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Henry, although our future here on Earth may sometimes seem unquestionably confusing, stay positive as that's all we can do. Keep a clear open mind and be thankful for life that's before us, as for some it may have disappeared. Many times when anyone accepts a new job they applied for, they are hired with the hope the company can grow for the better good. This holds true in all jobs whether big or small as they know what they were getting into from the start. It's a paid position as with any job and full knowing when applying. So, feel free to write away Henry, as your daily thoughts spread upon this site are sometimes ones food for thought. Never give up...never feel alone...your words shine upon many every morning. I don't believe in failures...just keep on moving forward, we are all surviving together. Stay safe and happy as a new year upon a clean calendar year begins...there's a beautiful dawn in every day...Ritz, happiest New Year...we are alive


Thanks, Bill.  Stay well, my friend.


Thanks, Ritz.  Your positive attitude may be somewhat infectious, but I've been vaccinated against it.  I tend to rely upon my sense of humor and sense of the absurd to see me through rough times.  But I see the value of your approach and I can certainly appreciate it.  Happy New Year.

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I'm extremely sarcastic as it has served me well through the tough times. I do so look forward to your daily writings, every day. So thank you. 


Hey Henry, inability to accomplish the impossible can't be considered failure.  

Thanks for your consideration.  



The 1.8 million who died globally must not be forgotten. Many others were stricken but recovered; they say that it has long-term ill effects in some cases. In my case, I had two people isolated in the house (employees) who thought quarantine was some sort of a game, while worrying about contracting it with my compromised immunity level. Some governments did not handle the pandemic like they should have. Sweden, however, admitted that their strategy was all wrong.

Past Member

So true, Henry Harris is going to have a lot of work to do. She will have to work on coming up with a vaccine for the virus, fixing the worst economy in history, trying to get us out of all the wars we have gotten into in the last four years, reopening all the states he shut down, and of course repairing all the damage his supporters caused to cities and their businesses. There is so much more, but we know he was the worst president ever. But I guess we don't have to worry ever again.


Thanks for your comment 58.  I wish that I could agree with you that "we don't have to worry ever again."  The Orange Bozo isn't going to fade away, and his supporters, enthrall to mass delusion, are going to cause trouble all over the place.  Facts have been camouflaged with fantasy.  This coming week is going to be unpleasant, with more to come.  Here's hoping that, after Biden and Harris are in office, the media has the discipline to ignore Trump's antics.

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