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From that to this?


Boy - sure can tell when I get a few days of holidays during Covid - what to do, what to do? Happy Ukrainian Christmas. Just, K.

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I can be seen in the blue dress from 1950 ! Happy New Year Ahead 


Hi Sis,

  Yes, as our folks used to say..........."an idle mind is the devil's playground".  But no worries with you, Sis.  

I tend to like the old world better.  But that's just me.  




Yup - the devil's playground; you hit the hammer on the head with the nail.  I tend to swing both ways - a little of the old and a little of the new. Just, K.


Mostly old as well! The new is convenient but who needs convenience all the time. Gotta go look up something on Amazon! Night all!



The son/dad generation gap hair is hysterical.


Hello K.
I just love them all, but particularly the politicians.
Some time ago I collaborated on a book of ‘issues' where one of them was a similar theme of ‘now and then'- focussing on the environment.
I don't know if the graphics will download but I'll give it a try.

No luck!

Best wishes


Hi K,   These are perfect!  I particularly love the skinny guy with the fat TV versus the fat guy with the skinny TV, hilarious! 

If you are really bored, you could come and start my early spring cleaning for me, oh yeah, Covid, I guess not.  Happy Ukrainian Christmas to you too!




Hi Terry,

Our weather here is rather unique for north of fifty - we have seldom dropped to below minus 10C. I am walking every day with my fall coat and shoes. I guess that’s what happens when one purchases a brand-new winter coat and snow boots. I may be spring cleaning early this year too.

I found a new winter project that has been hiding in plain sight. Once my photo scanner arrives in the mail, I will be digitizing absolutely all my photos and organizing them into several family files. Good thing I never really got into the scrapbooking fad. Both my kids are pleased because their memorabilia is digital plus they have no room for big photo albums. I digitized all my instruction plans and household documents last spring plus have requested online everything - I will soon be completely paperless.

“That to this” again! Take care and hope all is going well with your appliance. Just, K.


If my friends see this, I will never live it down.  I drive a white Honda Fit - not this car but close. Ahhh .... come'on - take it easy on the name Karen - eh! Thanks Zeppo - you made me laugh till I #####. Just, K.


I do like this one, as it reminds me of the times I used to always manage to find a parking space where there were two cars were parked outside of their bays and left no room for a car to park in between. I would park within half an inch of each car either side and let myself out of the back door. 

Best wishes


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