Ostomy Memories of Giraffes


One day in the late Seventies, I was sitting in an anteroom, awaiting my turn at bat, so to speak, when I picked up a magazine called Quest. It was founded in Feb. 1977, it’s goal to cover “the pursuit of excellence.” Articles featured various people who excelled in their chosen field, from white collar professionals to a lady goatherd. I was intrigued and enamored. The magazine promoted a group called The Giraffe Society, founded to honor Americans “who stick their necks out for the common good.” I became a card-carrying Charter Member (I still have the card!).
Unfortunately, the magazine’s editorial staff resigned in protest (Times article 4-23-81) when the owner demanded that they publish an article by a minister who headed the Worldwide Church of God, believing the article did not live up to its high standards. The magazine went downhill then and was ultimately sold. (Today, Quest is a totally different magazine).
One sidelight: I began collecting giraffes. I now have a large collection from all over the world, a few on display around my house, most now boxed up and stored away.
In addition, a successor Giraffe Society now exists on-line (I’ve only just discovered it and don’t know how active they are), honoring those who stick their necks out for the common good (whistleblowers rejoice!).


Hello HenryM. 

What a great idea - to acknowledge those who stick their necks out for the benefit of others and to expose the 'truth', no matter how embarrassing it might be to those who don't want it to become public. 

I did try to Google the giraffe site and the nearest I got was 'giraffe.com'. Unfortunately, Julian Assange was not listed but there were plenty of other deserving names and achievements on there. 

Best wishes


<p>Bill:&nbsp; It's <a href="http://www.giraffe.org">www.giraffe.org</a>&nbsp;&nbsp; <br /><br /></p>
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