COVID-19 Shots: Who's Getting Vaccinated?


How many of you are planning on taking the COVID-19 shots?




Hi lovely,

I am not. I don't know if it is the right medicine and for which strain. There are too many uncertainties. I thankfully have not gotten sick with anything so far. But I don't want to be a guinea pig. I'm sure there will be opposition to this but I don't care, that's my point of view. I've never been politically correct and I don't follow what others do. :)..mountain.

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Hi, lovely.

I am. I live with my almost-80 mom, who has asthma, so my main concern is for her. I had too much stress while quarantining for 16 days in November due to possibly contracting COVID-19... (Negative, however!) Well, there are no guarantees, but I'll be signed up and lined up as soon as I'm allowed.



Hi Lovely,

Certainement! I cannot wait for mine on the delivery timeline. For once I am glad I am now a senior - in chronological years only though:0)

Since I am in the people/service industry, in high population density areas, it is a given ... as are the regular flu shots no matter their efficacy. 70 is better than 0. It takes me 5 years to go through one box of Kleenex so I am a great testimonial to any inoculation. There are some people that have reactions but I feel the end justifies the means. I travel sometimes 6 months a year and take a host of other shots like Hepatitis A/B, yellow fever, malaria, pneumococcal etc. Inoculations have always served me well. My first travel ones were when I worked in Papua New Guinea when I was 21. I have just booked my shingles shot for mid-January. There is a lady in my apartment that has shingles and no way am I going there; poor thing. Just, K.

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Mtnman... I get your concerns for sure. I pondered my decision for the longest time. I think it will be even longer for it to be available for me as here they say perhaps August. By that time, I'm curious to know who and what side effects are happening out there. It's all a personal preference and whatever yours is, is the best for you. Ritz.


Hi Ritz,

I agree with you. There are many unknowns and when the availability will be. I hope they will keep track of any side effects or how it works and make it known to the public...mtnman.  


Oh yes!!


I received the first dose two weeks ago. The vaccinated arm was sore for 2-3 days. I was a little bit extra tired, too. Thankful to receive the vaccine for myself and the patients in my care.


I was all for it because I am 80 years old. Then last week, I found out that I have a blood clot in my leg and also my hemoglobin is down to 0.8. So, I have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday, so I will be finding out if I should take it or not. I am hoping the iron pills will build my blood up so I don't have to have any blood given to me. They don't want to give me any blood thinners for the blood clot until they get my hemoglobin built back up, so I guess it's a wait and see thing. But I will take it if they say it's okay. Best wishes and stay safe.


Yes, but I do not think it will be until maybe August. Any bad reactions should be identified by then.


Blood thinners are not fun. Take care.


Take care, Lovely, and keep us in the loop. You are a precious contributor to this site. :)


Hello Lovely.
Yes, I will be having the Covid 19 -vaccine - if only because it rhymes!
Seriously, I’m with K on this one, as I have all the other vaccines that are available, so why not this one?

My wife and I had a long discussion about this when the only option seemed to be the vaccine from the USA.
The problem was not so much with the vaccine but with the continuous stream of lies coming from the US president. Thus, as soon as Donald said it was okay, we immediately questioned its validity and whether we should be offering ourselves up for that one. Fortunately, the Oxford vaccine is now available over here and though the efficacy is only stated as 70%, (compared with 90% for the US vaccine) we are more inclined to believe the truth of this statistic than the higher figure being endorsed by such a blatant liar.

Please don’t think we don’t ‘like’ Donald Trump. We think that he’s been a great entertainer/comedian whilst he has been in office and he has, at times, cracked us up laughing at him and his antics. However, when it comes to something as serious as Covid19, with its death rate and grave effects on those who contract the virus, his kind of humour turns a bit sour.

Of course, Donald Trump has had a great comedy double-act in Boris Johnson, who is just as ‘funny’ in his own lying, devious and dangerous approach to the Covid 19 pandemic (among many other things).

However, as with many ‘comedians’, when the audience has watched and listened to them a few times, their humour becomes somewhat repetitive, stale and no longer ‘funny’. However, it does look as if Donald is going to give us his best comic performance right up to the very end, which we are all looking forward to.

Have a great New Year
Best wishes


Happy New Year, Lovely. I am definitely getting the vaccine, but just not sure when. I get the flu shot every year and also got the shingles vaccine last year.

Stay well. You are a very dear person. Penguins7


Yes, probably around the end of the month.


Yes, as soon as my name comes up on the list to have it, I will be there.

I tested positive for COVID myself yesterday. Luckily, I have no symptoms. Hopefully, it stays that way.


Thinking of you and hope the symptoms are nil to mild. My 28-year-old nephew is isolating and watching for symptoms as a member of his house-rental cohort tested positive as well. Just, K.


Lovely, Panther K:

Best wishes and hopes for all of you and your loved ones. Please keep us updated, and do your best to stay healthy!



Hi lovely,

Yes, please let us know how you are. My wife had two pulmonary embolisms, both inside of a year. The clots hurt, and she is permanently on blood thinners. Research about it online and ask your doctor about it.

If you need to ask any questions, let me know. My wife's been through it... mountain.


Getting the jab makes a lot of sense for those whose immunity may be compromised or for those who may have a vulnerable family member at home like Lily17. Which vaccine to take is another decision to make. The Pfizer one is not available to many, including me, due to its stringent storage conditions. I will have to go to Dubai to take it. Not a bad idea at all, that is a lovely place to visit and there are excellent hotels available at discounted rates due to the general slump in business. The following wise words were spoken by a Finnish expert: "Taking the vaccine is a voluntary decision, but avoiding the disease indefinitely is not a pleasant or workable solution."


Very wise words, indeed, Bowsprit!  Thank you for sharing!  :)



Hi Lovely, I think you should take the advice of your doctor, who knows you and your circumstances best. I will be getting mine for sure, as soon as it's available for those in my age group, which will probably be in the late spring.

Everything we have heard so far indicates that side effects are minor and any major side effects have been experienced by those who have had bad reactions to vaccinations in the past. If you have not had a problem with vaccinations throughout your life, it's unlikely you would with this.

All the best,



Hi Lovely,

I am on the fence with taking the vaccine. I worked in the oncology field and even though I am retired, I am hearing so many nurses and doctors will not opt to take the vaccine. Kinda makes you wonder! I think the side effects and reactions are minimal, so that is not an issue for me. I see my doctor tomorrow, so I will talk to him about it. I have a very strong immune system, never getting colds or the flu, so I will factor that into my decision. I imagine by the time it gets around to us, there will be more data available to make our decisions. Hope you can get your HGB up without infusions!!


Hi, Puppy.

Are the doctors & nurses of note saying why they would opt out?

Glad your immune system is strong!

Had televisit with my GP this morning. I asked if I should get the shingles vaccine. She advised that I should, then was even stronger in her opinion when I reminded her of my having no colon, being immuno-compromised.




Like me, is anyone else still amazed that they can continue to live - thrive, even! - with no colon?  LOL



Thanks everyone for the replies. I pray this will help us all and everyone can get well soon. Best wishes and stay safe.


May I add my good wishes for your early recovery and good health. Lots of people with cardiac problems take blood thinners without any ill effects.


Hi Lovely and everyone else who responded to this topic. I have to say I am pleased to see that by far the majority of the MAO members from the U.S. who have responded have indicated that they will get the vaccine. I was alarmed when I read a poll that showed a large percentage of Americans had said they would not (I forget the exact percentage). There is a certain percentage of the population that needs to be immune to the virus in order to reach "herd immunity". Until that happens, things will continue to get worse. I don't understand the reluctance of those who say they will not get the vaccine. There is risk in everything we do in life and there is incredible risk if enough people refuse to get the vaccine. There is a lot of false information out there, conspiracy theories, anti-vaxxers, people who just want to cause chaos for God knows what personal agenda. I for one, feel I can trust the health authorities in my country who are recommending strongly that everyone get vaccinated. I have not heard of one health professional who has indicated that they will not, and honestly, I would want to verify the source if I did hear that.

We Canadians living right next door have a vested interest in the U.S. getting this pandemic under control in their country. We all want our border open again so we can again engage freely in travel back and forth to see friends and family, shopping, etc. Trade has continued but not without some risk. We all want the same thing, to get life back to normal and feel safe again.




Hi Terry, 

No worries, thanks for being kind. I have heard that the vaccine is an mRNA that injects proteins into a cell. Just investigate it beforehand. Respectfully, it's not a traditional vaccine.  

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