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Ostomy Memories of Walking in Shadows


IT WAS A LITTLE after 5 AM this morning when I went out to walk, and cold. Many Floridians, even those in north Florida, don't own heavy winter duds but, after living in Utah, I had just the thing. Walking quiet residential streets this early is like sneaking past unsuspecting dwellers as they sleep. Every so often a dog will bark, an outside house light with a motion detector will flash on, or an observant owl will hoot a mild alert, but otherwise I pass along undetected. Streetlights throw shadows of tree limbs upon the asphalt as I plod ahead and a light breeze shivers the shadows almost as if in reaction to my passage. Once out of the subdivision, I'm on the sidewalk of a four-laned divided highway but, fortunately, there is a strip of grass and a bike lane that separates me from the vehicle traffic that is present. The slight downhill slope helps until I reach an intersection and turn left along a similar street, but one with less traffic. I can see the crescent moon high on my left atop the tall hickory trees. Passing my halfway point, I pull out my kerchief to wipe away the moisture that has accumulated on my whiskers. When I reach the next intersection, I turn left again and I am two-thirds of the way home. But the next ten minutes will be on a narrow two-lane canopy road with vehicles whizzing past me only about three or four feet away. I wince each time one flies by. Picking up my pace as much as I am able, I finally reach my turn back into residential territory and I am on my street. Now all I have to watch for is the prospect of the speeding car delivering the local paper. It is still dark, but I can see the sky now. Finally, rounding a curve in the road, I spot my mailbox five houses up ahead. Stepping onto my driveway, I check my watch. I beat one hour by two minutes, a small but quite satisfying achievement. Time for cream of wheat and fresh blueberries.

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Now ,that's a great start of a new day . I am outside every morning predawn awaiting the light in my sky and hear the birds awaken . They sing and flutter in my sky saying good morning with a smile and their sings of cheer as we all are grateful for another day . My daily walk begins as the sun shines upon my face and the cars are at work . I walk along the canal saying good morning to every duck that may pass as they dip their heads in the water finding their food for the day . I feel for the fish , but thus the circle of life continues. Enjoy your days with smiles for all , they are so infectious..the kind of infection I hope for every day .🌈 Ritz


I believe that I may have already told you, Ritz, that your enthusiasm is infectious.  Three cheers for morning people!

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