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Ostomy Memories of Bugs


I don't fear bugs; I hate them. Why do they exist, anyway? Some, like the bees and such that pollinate flowers, are okay. They serve a useful purpose. But what about ants? These little colonists are all over the place. Nothing seems to eradicate them. I believe they are just waiting to take over the earth after humanity exterminates itself. No H-bomb will wipe out the ants. They are an advanced society, I guess, although I did see an ant war once.
It was big red ants versus little red ants. The little guys had the big ones seriously outnumbered. Six or eight small ants would gang up on one big one and leave him dead on the spot. There seemed to be casualty removal occurring, since I would notice that the dead ones kept disappearing, though it was hard to spot in all the confusion of hundreds of ants swarming all over each other. I wondered if it was purely territorial, or could it have been political? They say ants communicate. They probably communicate better than congressmen.
Flies and roaches, spiders and gnats, they should all disappear as far as I'm concerned. Then there are the dreaded no-see-ums. These are like miniature stealth bombers flying in packs. Where's my bug spray?

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Henry ,

I'm curious on your theory of Scorpions . They have survived the ice age .They creep along when most humans are sleeping ,carriying  thousands of eggs on their back . The eggs hatch and fall off then grow and do the same . What is their purpose in life ? Their venom will dibilate a humans nerves inside and out .They lurk in the cracks ,the smallest of cracks,swim in water . I tested ones theory that they have survived the ice ages and it's true. I have frozen a scorpion in water and another in an airtight container and it was totally immobile...yet a year later when I thawed them , they were alive and furious. With this all said , I believe the bug is angry at us mere humans as we squish them yet then they only taunt us more . So which is the wiser ...the bug or the human ? I believe the bug was on earth before we were and we have invaded their earth. 


That's one mean looking anthropod. 


They surely are . Fast little buggers too . The larger ones ( I've had a 4 in. One in my yard  ) although scary , is not as dangerous as the tiny ones . Both are unwelcomed on my land as well as grasshoppers and crickets . The scorpions eat them and hunt for them . So , with that said I continue to get my property sprayed monthly to ward off their food supply . Amazing how other insects and snakes and geiko lizards can pass thru the poison for another insect  and survive ....thus the circle of life is complex and intriguing.

I don't enjoy destroying any life , but then again only to protect myself. 
Stay well my fellow life likers 🌈 Ritz



Hello HenryM.

I do like your descriptive style of writing although 'bugs' are not on the top of my list of irritants. However, if we were to take your eloquent words and transpose the words bugs/ants etc, for 'politicians', I would agree with you wholeheartedly.

PS: If s someone who studies slugs is a 'slugger', what would you call someone who studies bugs?

Answer: an entomologist.

Best wishes


As a sort of addendum to this post, I offer a photo that I just came across which supposedly posits a good aspect of the tiny creatures.

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