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Ostomy Memories of the Cookie Closet

This is the best website for people with an Ostomy. So much understanding.

MY GRANDMOTHER had a cookie closet. It held table linens too, which I suppose was its primary function, but to my sister and I, it was the place from which we could sneak cookies, always either molasses or coconut macaroon. Located in the formal dining room, it was possible to tiptoe in and steal a couple of cookies without being seen. But there was a big however to this. The closet door squeaked. Consequently, late in the afternoon when we were getting hungry for dinner and my grandmother was around the corner in the kitchen getting it ready, she knew very well when little thieves were about.
“Get out of those cookies,” my grandmother would yell good-naturedly from where she stood at the stove. “It’s almost time for dinner.”
Of course, in those days, no couple of cookies was about to stem my active little boy’s appetite. The molasses cookies were soft and wonderfully flavorful. The fragrant aroma hit you as soon as the closet door was opened. However many I could fit in my hand I would carry off and savor like life itself.
The macaroons had a special chewy consistency that made them fun to eat. The coconut was shredded from fruit of the trees in the yard. This was Miami. Sometimes I even got to drink non-alcoholic piña coladas concocted from coconut milk and pineapple juice.
The cookie closet was just one of the wonderful nooks and crannies abounding in my grandparent’s old home. But it was definitely the most aromatic when my grandmother had been baking for us kids. There is something about the homes of grandparents, replete with aromas and redolent of the curiosities of a long life, that any child would find fascinating and mysterious.


Hello HenryM.

Your grandmother's home sounds absolutely idyllic for a youngster to feel welcome and well-fed.
I’m sorry to say that I had no such equivalent childhood/family experiences and your post makes me feel rather envious of your early opportunities to receive love and care from those around you.
Thank you for this post, as I can almost smell and taste the cookies for myself! This is probably as close as I will ever get to experience this sort of thing for myself and, childhood is now so far in the past that it is fast fading from my memories, not that I would want my own memories to be resurrected to haunt me in old age as they taunted me way back then.

Best wishes

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Hi Henry your story brings back memories of my mother baking this time of year and when us kids would come in from playing in the snow and the smell of baking was so good, my favorites were peanut butter but around the holidays she would bake oatmeal raisin cookies for a special treat. 


Your description made me very hungry .. love molasses cookies! Your memories are very sweet.. thank you for sharing.

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