Bob's Stylish Hat and Warm Coat


Hey Bob, I see you have a new hat. I like it, and that looks like a nice coat for keeping warm while taking care of the animals. Best wishes and stay safe.

Hi Lovely,

Well thank you! That's so nice of you to say! Figured I'd better get used to the black hat "bad guy" look if I'm going to keep posting on this site (with all the haters) black is my new white (on so many levels). I just got the coat the other day, it's sheepskin (shearling) with the natural wool lining, made from sheep pelts. It is amazingly warm! Now I know why sheep never shiver when out in the cold!

Found a great place on the web where you can find vintage 1500 coats like this for just a few bucks. Amazing. I ended up buying a second one 2 sizes bigger, as my shoulders are a bit wider than normal, and it came today. The darn thing weighs 8+ lbs! But I think it might be a bit much though......with the big shearling lapels and the huge overall size of the coat........I look like a pimp in it. No really, I walked in front of the mirror and laughed my ass off! Not sure if I'd dare wear it on a date. But then again, you know me...........why not stand out?

That same place I got the coats from had cowboy hats and boots too, so I've got a half dozen of each on the way in a variety of colors as well. So while everyone is mired down hating each other I'll be able to post some new Cool Hat (and Boot) pics!! Someone has to keep this site on stay tuned!




Looking good, Bob! But yeah, the big furry lapels? Maybe the new car is a Caddy you could ride around in style. LOL just kidding...mountain

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Hey MTN.....Don't think I haven't considered getting a '59 Cadillac..................just waiting for someone to dare me.


Oh....MTN.....speaking of those lapels........the ones in the pic are on the small coat! The ones on the big coat are twice that size!!

OK Bob,

You'd look good driving a '59 Cadillac...mountain.

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Hi Bob,

I sport a Stetson as well and here's my winter coat... mountain.

Sweeeeet!  MTN, you are rockin' that beard!!  I just got two more black hats......a Bailey and a Resistol.  A Stetson is next!!  Thanks for showin' me how it's done, son!  Heck, we'll have this place two-steppin' in no time!!!




I think the coat looks terrific on you! I have one very similar to it. Now, before you start thinking that because I wear one, too, that yours is "girly", please know that I received it as a gift - it was my father's for many years and he gave it to me after deciding he would no longer wear it. Yes, impervious to wind, cold, and heavy enough that anyone can work out by wearing it and just walking around. LOL

Another thing: my Dad also adored PINK Cadillacs - with the fins! True story - he had two that he bought used when I was very young, but never got the engines running per his plans. But, if you ever want to come out to Reno, try for early August when the City hosts "Hot August Nights"! I'll buy you a "real" beer, and we can stroll through the multitudes of cool, vintage automobiles of every make and model. And COLOR! LOL

Allow me to be the first: I DARE YOU TO GET A '59 CADILLAC. : ) Not necessarily buy one, but if you can borrow one and/or get your pic taken in it and post it with your other pics?! )

My Dad crossed over in 2002, but thanks for this post, Bob - and the memories. : )


P.S. - Anyone else care to come out to Reno during a post-pandemic August, and we can meet, unmasked? : )

Hey Mnt, I like your hat also. Why didn't you show it when we had Bob model all his hats? If anyone needs to learn to do the two-step, I am available to show you how, LOL. Don't know how long I could last with my back and hip. Best wishes and stay safe.

Hey MTN,

I'm just going to rotate you a bit so the folks on here don't strain their necks.   I think if Charlie Daniels was still with us..........he'd be proud of ya!!   And that's one sweet hat!   Well I fibbed a bit above........I've got 3 black hats.   I picked up a black El Mayor 20X Beaver the other day  just for kicks, and now I just need to break out my steamer and give 'er a little more shape.   Just waiting on Amazon to get my stiffener spray in my grimey little hands.   Thanks for the pic!!



Hi lovely, 

Bob's the showman. I'll let him take care of that stuff. Lol. He's the ladies man, all them rugged good looks. Naw, he's right for the job. ..mtnman 


Thanks Bob, I didn't know how to rotate it. Good job, keep up the good work. Mtnman

Hello Bob.
I did used to have a sheepskin coat but found it was too heavy for my frail frame. However, I spotted an ad the other day for sheepskin jackets in the style of the WW2 pilot's gear which looked really light, warm and stylish.
Of course, 'style' is a very personal thing and not everybody would agree that these things were cool.
As for the Stetsons. there would be little to be gained by wearing one of those over here as, even the baseball caps don't stay on my head in the wind.

I like the sou’westers that are built for the job and have a chinstrap to help keep them in place. The big plus with these is that I can wear them backwards so that the larger rim keeps the rain off my glasses. It looks ridiculous to some, but since I am immune to what other people think of my fashion preferences, that doesn’t really matter!

Best wishes

<p>Wow!&nbsp; You turned&nbsp; MTN right side up!&nbsp; Nifty work, Bob.&nbsp; You're such a techie!<br /><br /></p>

Isn't there an adage from years back about...   Only Bob can move mountain?   LOL


And THAT phrase, right there... is what makes Bill... Da Man!!   

Immunity to such things... is freedom in disguise!!

Cheers Bill,


Hahaha! Too funny, Lily! 

Awesome coat and hat, guys! Last time I wore a sheepskin coat (fake), my horse, being the rascal he was, took it by the lapel, so of course I had to let him have it or get dragged along with it. He ran around the ring with it in his mouth! He would not let me wear a hat at all. He took them off and ran with them too. Never really need such a coat down here anyway. Lol

Thanks for that memory. Been a long time since I thought of Pedro. That was around 1978.


...And that's why I have a cat.   LOL

Thanks for the laugh, Puppy!   Stay warm?  )


I gotcha! I have three cats and a dog! No more big pets! Lol

It is cold! Brrrrr



There are haters on this site? What??? Please keep this site on point, I'm staying tuned. BTW, it's a good thing you got that're gonna need it this weekend. :)


Hi Shannon,

Yeah, it is a bit nippy out there, isn't it?  Guess we've had such a warm winter so far that 20's now feel cold!  I got my second bigger coat and I got to get some pics's the craziest thing I've ever seen.  I'm on the lookout for a purple cowboy hat......and then the pimp costume will be complete!   

As for the must be new to the site.  President Trump got bashed, disrespected, and spat on here ad nauseam, and now with Biden being in office only a couple weeks and already reinvigorating the swamp while paying back all those who got him there, he's got the country in a death spiral and the Dems now own the whole shooting match.  So no finger pointing when it gets ugly, it's all on them.  So sit back, relax and watch the show.  Because retribution is a bitch.   



Hey Bob,

I'm ready, bring on the snow!! My coat isn't as fancy as yours, but it keeps me warm! Looky what I found, my purple cowgirl hat...well purple and black. This picture doesn't do it justice, but loved the way the sun shines down. Oh wait, maybe that's all the positive energy I'm emitting!!!

I have no time for haters...I simply avoid topics that go there. I'm kind of a hippie, you know... Peace and love.


Yes............very nice!  I'll try to get some pics of my pimp coat up tomorrow.  Yours DOES look warm!!  And nice go girl!!


Shannon, I love that hat and you wear it well! 

Hey Mountain! You're black Stetson got me I just picked one up too! Needs a good steaming to get it into the shape I want, so maybe this weekend. But it IS a sweet hat!! Thanks for the incentive Brother!!



Yo mountain,

I found a place to get cowboy hats super I've been buying lots of them before my secret gets out. I've got Justin's, Bailey's, Resistol's, Rodeo King, American Hat Co, Eddy Bros and a bunch of custom hats made in Mexico. One of the last ones that I got was a black Stetson 4X beaver that I thought had seen better was dirty and the sweatband was pretty rough. But I cleaned it up and it's just the best fitting hat!!! I'll keep an eye out for a crushed one to swap the sweatband out of, but now every morning when I reach for a hat........I always grab that beater Stetson. I don't know what ol' John B. figured out when he made his hats.....but despite all my other hats looking like they were assembled identically to my's just a damn better hat! Going to have to get some more!!! Thanks for the lead Bro!......I'm a believer!



Can't wait to see pictures of them.

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