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Ostomy Memories Simple Life Rules

This is the best website for people with an Ostomy. So much understanding.

Simple rules to guide you through life:
If in doubt, don’t. Doubt is your safety net telling you it’s not a good time to jump. Believe it. Don’t be like the redneck whose last words were, “Watch this!”
Believe none of what you hear & only half of what you see. Hearsay is generally disallowed in court for a reason, and with today’s technological advances in the manipulation & falsification of images, half may be too generous an allowance.
If you have to choose between multiple versions of an event, believe the one where people are at their worst. Human nature is, after all, human nature, and it has been worsening of late.
When someone often says “To tell you the truth” they’re probably not. This is particularly applicable if they are trying to sell you something or gain your vote.
Trust first impressions. You have developed instincts during your life that are based upon valuable experience. This is where your brain & (what's left of) your gut work together for your benefit.

...and eat your vegetables.


Hi Henry.  Yup, you did it again.  Your writings seem dead on and provoke my thinking.  I thank you for helping me remember stuff that made sense some time ago but doesn't now. We're told change is good.  My perception of the "new" humanity suggests change ain't so great all the time.  Maybe it's just me or my perception.  I hope so.



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