Valentine's Day: Celebrating Love for Everyone


Someone told me that Valentine's Day doesn't apply to people that don't have a special other. I DISAGREE totally.
I think Valentine's Day can be celebrated simply by sharing a happy smile or gesture or whistles back to the birds.
So, with that said... to all you singles out there... It's our day too. Have a Happy Valentine's Day.

Smiles and love to you all, RITZ

Well're both right. Valentine's Day traditionally has been the day lovers express their affection with greetings and gifts. The real history of V-day is spotty at best. It seems to have started with a Roman festival called the Festival of Lupercalia, which took place in February. It was a festival to celebrate the arrival of spring, fertility, and all that jazz. They held a lottery and guys and gals paired off for fun and frolicking. Gotta love those Romans!! Then that dickwad Pope Gelasius decided to forbid all that fun and replaced it with St. Valentine's Day. That held until the 1300s when for some reason Valentine's Day became focused on romance. From then until recently, it's stayed a lover's holiday, the rest of us be damned. Recently, with the world upside down and full of haters, it seems to have watered down a bit, as inclusion is now the flavor of the there's nothing wrong with your new view. At some point, humans will look back at the homogenization of our culture and the elimination of individualism and just shake their heads. But that day is not Happy (yawn) Valentine's Day everyone!



Bob... I used to hear the saying: "Do what the Romans do." Well, since there's nobody around, I'm doing my version. I don't like to conform to society. I like to ruffle feathers! 
Enjoy your day, Ritz. 

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<p>"Homogenization of our culture"??&nbsp; What does that mean?<br /><br /></p>

It means we're all turning into milk!!!

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There are different versions about Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is observed in memory of Saint Valentine, who is said to have been executed on February 14th in A.D. 470 for performing weddings for Roman soldiers (it was a violation of the Roman Law). Maybe that's why he is called the Patron Saint of the beloved, and people around the world celebrate romantic love on the day of his execution. Valentine's Day is a time people like to show love. We need to show love all year. Best wishes and stay safe.


Hiya Ritz, you're exactly right of course.

Valentine's Day hardly gets a mention at home these days, but I have a special woman friend who is single whom I don't forget on this day.

She more than appreciates the gesture, so on that note, a "Happy Valentine's Day" to you too ....

<p>Not quite.&nbsp; It does reflect a preference for the color white, so you're close.<br /><br /></p>
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