Alternative Hydration Options?


What does everyone drink to stay hydrated? I am constantly drinking water. I find it gets nauseating after the second bottle. I don't like pop or juice. I do Gatorade sometimes, not really a fan of that neither.


I can drink water all day, but I will add a little Gatorade (50:50) or add a little Propel flavor to it if I need a little boost in taste. Full strength sports drinks are too sweet for all day consumption for me. Good luck, stay hydrated!

Dear Anders,

You can also drink Pedialyte for adults but it's a little more expensive.


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Agree with all above said. There is another thing out there called Liquid IV. A hydration multiplier. Comes in packets.. Offered on Amazon. They are sold in packets you add to water. Not a fan of lemon lime which seems to be popular. I tried two packets of it. Blaaa. They offer other flavors. Best approach is to buy just two packets not 8 or 18... Check it out. My PCP suggested it. This stuff ain't cheap. Sticking to water and or flavoring it might work for you. I didn't like Pedialyte.. I guess it's an acquired taste for some. Water can be blaa too but it's the quickest cheapest form to stay hydrated.... Stay away from sugar drinks.. Nice to see Gatorade comes on "zero" sugar too. There is "Power Aid" I drink.. No sugar there either. .88 cents a bottle. Tastes like watered down Gatorade though.. But drinkable. Good luck. Hi ho silver.... Warrior.

For me, constantly drinking water took some time to get used to.  I tried switching off and on to Gatorade or other flavored water, but eventually I got used to just water.  I drink four 24 oz. bottles per day because I wasn't properly advised early on about the importance of staying hydrated and my kidney function deteriorated eventually.   Now they operate at 37-40% and I have no choice but to keep drinking water.  I regard it as medicinal, the same thing I said about scotch in my Thirties.

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Scotch.... yeah, that's not regular fuel, it's high octane paint remover. Sorry to hear about your kidneys. I think, in general, you need to drink and drain on a daily basis. Filter out them toxins we breathe and eat and drink.

I used the Mio flavor additive in my water for a long time. It gets expensive when drinking so much water. I switched to the Walmart brand of flavor packets. 10 packets to a box for a dollar. I like the blackberry lemonade and my husband's favorite is the Cherry-Pomegranate. For a buck each box, you can try all the flavors for very little cost.
Good luck! I hate plain water! This makes it okay for me. That is all I drink except coffee in the morning.


Hey pup? What about the sugar content? It is a steal at that price... but the big picture behind it? Datalotta sugar, honey. 

Hello Daanders.

Thanks for this interesting question.

I have been drinking plain hot water for years and rarely get bored of the taste. I consider water to be a great flushing agent and, as has already been said, we all need to stay hydrated. 

Before I psychologically adjusted to the plain water I was an avid user of herbal 'tea'. I have a range of different mints in the garden along with many other herbs. My wife likes chamomile because it is supposed to have a relaxing effect. However, there are so many other flavours to try. I quite like blackcurrent occasionally. One tip I would share for those who enjoy mint: The water smells and tastes great with just a drop of mint-oil on top. There is virtually no prepartion- The oil floats, so the effect is that you are drinking the water through the flavour. The mint oil and many other flavourings are used in cooking. They are quite cheap and readily available.

I hope this helps with you adjustment to drinking as much water as you need.

Best wishes


Hi, some fresh fruit in water makes for a very refreshing drink. I especially like watermelon. I also enjoy cucumber slices.

Oatmeal, cucumbers, smoothies, salads, if they are allowed, they contain a lot of water. Beer isn't recommended but I drink it anyway. Cheers.

Hey Daanders, I just discovered the Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier (that Warrior mentioned) that comes in packets and you pour into a bottle of water. I really like them plus they have the sodium (500mg) that we all badly require with an ileostomy. Plus lots of vitamins. I purchased mine at Costco and got the strawberry flavor. I'm not a big Gatorade fan due to high fructose/sugar content. Liquid IV has 1/2 sugar content of Gatorade and 2-3x more hydration than water alone. Stay well. Penguins7

Hi all, I drink a variety of fluids: coffee, green teas (hot and cold), 3 flavors of powdered Gatorade (lime, orange, and frost), and water sometimes with lemon or lime concentrate in it.

I occasionally drink low-sugar ginger ale.

I'm not a big fan of ginger ale, but it seems to quench my thirst.

Yeah, it does get old drinking plain old water. I use the water flavoring, and having it really cold does the trick for me. I'm currently downing just shy of 1 gallon daily.

Besides everything stated above, I like drinking a cup or two of no sodium chicken stock or broth every day. I just add my own salt and pepper to it. It's yummy. LOL

Great idea! I totally forgot about that.  

My mind also went to fresh fruit and herbs in water...citrus, melon, cucumbers, mint, ginger root, berries.

My GI tract doesn't tolerate artificial sweeteners, so I avoid them at all costs.

There's nothing like having a "drinking problem" that doesn't involve alcohol... LOL


I drink a glass of Liquid IV every day with lunch. I like the passion fruit flavor.


Toujours avoir soif ?.... peut-être regarder avec votre médecin pour le "diabète" ?

Always put lemons and limes or strawberries and oranges in water out when I have company. It is tasty.  

Hello all,

Agree with all about staying hydrated. It is so important. One component our bodies are made of.

I have a urostomy.

And I agree, water can be a drag. You have to make yourself drink. These are just a few things that help me.

Plenty of ice in my water or cool coconut water.

Put fresh mint and a slice of lemon and a slice of ginger, also known as detox water. Quenched my thirst, especially in summer. And good for your system.

Water and cucumber + fruit if you like.

I also prefer pH balanced water. It helps quench my thirst.

Hibiscus boiled in your water is not sweet, but a bit tart. But good. I put some Agave sweetener, organic. Tastes like cranberry juice. All natural. Also, in the produce section, there is something called jicama. It is very hydrated and refreshing to your taste buds. I have never been one for Gatorade, salty taste to me.

Thanks for letting me share and take care all ;)


I drink low sugar sports drinks and electrolyte waters. I have borderline hyponatremia, so I need to drink electrolyte drinks. They also help you stay hydrated more than water alone. I drink GFit and Body Armor Lyte and Splash Electrolyte water. You can also drink Pedialyte or the equivalent of. I have read that with an ostomy it is important to stay hydrated and I have even read to drink a glass of fluid every time you empty your bag. If you sip fluids throughout the day you are less likely to feel nauseated and you will stay more hydrated. 


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