Popcorn alternatives for Crohn's: Share your favorites!

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This forum discussion is about finding alternatives to popcorn for individuals with ileostomy or Crohn's disease.


So I know some people with ileostomy can eat popcorn, but sometimes the Crohn's I have really doesn't like it when I have it (fiber has always been an issue for me) so... What's your favorite popcorn alternative?

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Hi WI,

Wow, I don't think there is an alternative for popcorn... it's pretty unique! I guess if you put a gun to my head I'd say rice cakes... or puffed rice of some sort. Rice Krispies comes to mind. I remember when I had Crohn's... I missed popcorn terribly. I hated going to the movies because as soon as you opened the door you smelled that popcorn!... that I couldn't have. Torture... pure torture it was!!



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I snack on Triscuits, many flavors and you can add whatever topping you like.


I eat Herr's Popcorn Puffs. They taste like popcorn, but have no hull. Melts in my mouth.


Bacon, bacon works for me.


I am a popcorn addict! I've got to have it! I'm trying to cut down on it, and since COVID, I have done better by just not going to the movies. Man, I miss my refillable bucket! I am not sure there is a substitute. Sounds like Ritz has the best one. I may have to try that myself! Bacon will work any time though! Who doesn't love bacon! LOL


I eat those too, they taste very similar


I really miss popcorn. My son loves it, so he makes it all the time. It's torture to smell it and not be able to eat it.

Popcorn flavored Crispy Minis aren't bad, but I've really never found anything that's as good as the real thing. If I do, I'll let you know!



For me, if I don't smell popcorn... I don't miss it. But if I get a whiff... it's all over!

Here's what Dr. Google said:

Why does popcorn smell so good? A German chemist actually figured this out. He broke down the aroma of popcorn into 23 key odor compounds.

The four strongest were a fatty scent, a spicy scent, a roasted coffee scent, and (gee) a roasted popcorn scent. He also found traces of cloves, mushrooms, caramel, vanilla, roasted potatoes, and cooked apples.

So when Junior makes popcorn, just put a clothespin over your nose... and all will be good.

Ok, probably not!




Chester's Puff Corn in butter flavor. I couldn't believe how much they taste like movie theater popcorn, but truly better because there are no hulls or unpopped kernels! They are puffs that melt in your mouth. Warning... they are addictive.


Oh, those sound very interesting! I'm definitely going to look for those. Thanks for the tip! Lucy


They always have them at Walgreens or Walmart


I like Pop Corners Sea Salt. They don't have the butter flavor but are light and crunchy. You can add the butter...


Thanks. I have never seen that brand in Tennessee. I'll look on Amazon.


What about pirate booty?

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A worthy selection that I don't remember when I'm at the store, but I just put it on my list for the next shopping trip.

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Um, what is Pirates Booty?

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It's a puffed rice/corn snack flavored with white cheddar

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I have never seen this before! I live in Canada, maybe I can get it online. Thanks!

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