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National Nude Day!


Today is National Nude Day.. enjoy !

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Hi Maried..........thanks for the heads-up.  I'm definitely NOT going to Walmart today......nope, just ain't happening!!!




Need lots of sun screen here today. It is going to be a hot one.


Phew! I',m so glad it's not an INTERNATIONAL event.

Best wishes



Great news Maried neighbors , no problem 

Wanna see my no tan lines tan ....the couple of bits  that identify me as a pale butt Irishman ...maybe get a Butt tan today  😱😈 85 with a little breeze  , great for nekked sunbathing 😜

Yeee Hawwww...Eamon 😎


I'm with Bob on this one, lol!



I'm not in San Francisco today but there will be a lot of strange sights there today . Sometimes you will see a guy just walking around with a sock and a rubberbad to protect your eyes . You got it just right Bob, Most people who avail of this opportunity to display their " wares " should never . ever take their clothes off inside  with the  lights on and should Never , ever take their clothes off in the wild .  People in the SF area know of "The Bay to Breakers " road race from the Ferry Building across the city to Ocean Beach . There are serious marathon runners in it but they get to leave the start line a couple of hours ahead of the " taking the Piss" runners.  Many of the people just got out of the shower and didn't bother to get dressed ...except for sneakers of course . At that time of the year the start point is on the Bay/ Downtown side of the city and is usually quite hot and sunny . The end point is in the "Fog City" Ocean Beach side of the city . There can be a 20 degree ( even more sometimes) difference between start and finish . The closer to Ocean Beach the colder it gets , especially if the fog is  heavy .  The result is that the guys who didn't bother to put clothes on look like  Eunuchs  by the end of the race ....the Turtle disappears up into his little shell until there is almost nothing there lol...Then they have to walk back ( if they didn't plan properly or don't have a friend to call ) without having to hide anything because their manly parts have left the building !! If you ever get to SF you should time it with the Bay to Breaker race ...Hilarious , good humored and always peaceful . So in SF any day of the year can be "Nude Day " . 

Mister Magoo 

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