Ostomy Memories of the Kitchen


MY PERFECT HOUSE would have the kitchen smack in the middle, the most important room in the whole place. Life, after all, revolves around eating, and we measure out our days via breakfast, lunch & dinner. Creating a good meal, whether it is just for yourself or for the entire family, can be a very satisfying adventure. I’m certainly no chef, but at least I’ve learned how to whip up a couple of eggs, bake a loaf of sweet challah, and concoct a killer spaghetti sauce. “Tis an ill cook who cannot lick his own fingers,” wrote Shakespeare in Romeo & Juliet, Act IV. Perhaps that’s where Colonel Sanders got the idea to brand his KFC finger lickin’ good. The primary set of pots in our kitchen was a wedding gift from my wife’s mother fifty-three years ago, still in daily use. Having raised five kids, she knew pots. My vision of a functioning house, then, puts the kitchen at the hub of the wheel, open to the family room, with sufficient space for two people to work without bumping into each other. Keep stirring the sauce, people.


Hi Henry, what's a sweet challah? XX

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It's a braided bread sweetened with honey.


Yummy, can I have some please? xx


Hi HenryM, perfect description of where a kitchen should be in a home. I come from a big family and reading this took me back to pleasant times with my children too.

And yummy, your Challah sounds super lovely. Mmmmm, bet your sauce is also delicious.

Great, HenryM.

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• Hello HenryM.
• My ‘perfect’ house would not consist of material things and therefore would not include positioning of any rooms or furniture;
• My ‘perfect’ house would be where all my family and friends (or anyone else) could be accommodated and get on well together with lively discussion, yet without rancour or argument;
• My ‘perfect’ house would be a ‘community’, filled with care, harmony, tolerance and understanding;
• My ‘perfect ‘ house is in my mind, which can change from day to day and according to circumstances;
• My ‘perfect’ house would be where all the people strive to be the best that they can be.
• My ‘perfect’ house would be where all the people recognise and accept the mantra: “ From each, according to their ability – to each, according to their need!”
• My ‘perfect’ house would be where there was no more greed, bullying or any other form of internal ugliness
• My ‘perfect’ house does not exist in what is commonly termed as ‘reality’, but neither does any other ‘perfectness’.
• My ‘perfect’ house would foster ‘contentment’ rather than the often illusionary pursuit of ‘happiness’

• Note: Thinking about ‘con-TENT-ment’ ;

• As far as kitchens are concerned, I often felt that the concept of a Native, North American Indian’s Tepee, with the fire in the middle of a great big conical tent, would allow for a communal atmosphere to flourish.
• Best wishes
• Bill


Brilliant and heartfelt!!

Thanks, Bil

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