Hope for Scar Tissue Blockages: Test Your Luck!

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My friend had a first consult with a surgeon that gave her a horrible diet but said surgery was likely in her future. She had a second consult with a different surgeon that told her that about 70% of scar tissue blockages correct themselves. Now that sounded a little optimistic but he scheduled a barium fluoroscope and the results were there; there was no sign of scar tissue blockage and she could ease back into her normal diet! Of course, this is the best outcome possible so maybe there is hope for others that have completely given up on eating anything yummy for fear of another blockage. Maybe a test to see if you are in that lucky 70% would be worthwhile!


Glad to hear something positive, now did someone mention cake? Yes, please, with a brew if you don't mind. LOL xx

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Great news for your friend. It pays to get a second opinion.


Yes, it does! She is so happy now! Glad she did!  


I also was concerned with fibroids/scar tissue blockages after 2 major abdominal surgeries. The second one was to correct a problem with my first ileostomy. All within 65 months. I used Nattokinase as a preventative for additional adhesions and existing ones. I seem to be great now after 9 years :) Here is some great info about these enzymes and their many beneficial uses. My husband now uses 2 of them instead of blood thinners after a stent, but that is another story :)


How to Manage Ostomy Leaks with LeeAnne Hayden | Hollister

Thanks for the info! I will certainly pass this along! My friend is enjoying a normal diet for the first time in months and is a happy girl! Lol Never know what the future brings so it is good to have a weapon ready for any attack to your system! 

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