Perineal wound revision: Healing process and expectations?


Well, I didn't see this coming. My backside didn't heal all the way, and there is about an inch they don't want to leave. So, Monday I am going in for outpatient surgery to clean and cauterize the wound. How bad is this going to be and how long to heal? Is there anything health-wise I should be doing to help the healing process so the same thing doesn't happen again? It's discouraging. Any thoughts or tell me if you have had this done. I'd like to know what to expect. Thank you.

Update: Surgery was not bad. Tender, yes, but nothing like the original ordeal. However, upon returning for a follow-up visit, they stated it wasn't healing well again. I may have had an infection. And they cut me wide open right there in the doctor's office, undoing all they did in outpatient revision. Left to heal wide open. Never completely healed. After so many visits, I just quit going back, and that was that. I do not recommend.

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I had the same problem; mine was the result of radiation injury. I don't know if that's the cause of your issue, but if it is, ask about hyperbaric oxygen therapy. I suffered with an open, non-healing perineal wound for 2 years until someone finally told me about HBOT. I did daily treatments for 6 weeks, and it made all the difference! I posted about this topic a few years ago because it isn't a well-known technology for anything other than diving accidents. You can read my post on my profile page. Good luck.


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ron in mich

Hi Feb, I had the same problem when mine was done many years ago. The last inch or so wouldn't heal, so the surgeon removed the stitches and cleaned it. They also gave me a prescription for antibiotics and said to change the dressing often. Eventually, it finally healed.


How long was the healing time? How soon before you were able to go back to work?

ron in mich

Hi Feb, I was out of work for 2 months and then half days at work for a month, but it was rough as I worked in shipping and receiving for a retailer and would go home exhausted. I didn't feel totally healed for at least 6 months.  

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Thank you! I am still struggling with the healing. I will talk to my doctor and see what they say.


I've been dealing with a radiation wound that won't heal since April. I just completed hyperbaric oxygen treatments and it's made a big difference in my healing.

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