Methylcobalamin vs Cyanocobalamin: Experiences with B-12 Injections?

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The forum discussion is about the use of B-12 injections, specifically the difference between methylcobalamin and cyanocobalamin, and the experiences of individuals with short bowel syndrome.

Hello, is there anyone out there who has been prescribed B-12 injections due to short bowel? Have any of you used the methylcobalamin form, which is said to last longer in the body, whereas cyanocobalamin is excreted faster in the urine? Just curious about any of your experiences. Thanks! RC

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I take Nature's Truth 1000 mcg of Cyanocobalamin daily. Had blood tests in early August. The level of B12 was a bit high. So, I'm absorbing and retaining more than enough.
This particular brand is not taken sublingually but swallowed.
Hope this helps.
Take good care of yourself.

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You may have already looked this up online, but here is a site I found. It seems to have a lot of information.


Hi Sharon, thank you for the info. Glad to know that oral B-12 works for you. All of my doctors told me many years ago that an oral vit B-12 would not absorb well enough to be beneficial because I have less than half of my small bowel left. I have read many articles on both forms but just was curious about any other ostomate's experiences. Take care.


Hi Lovely, thanks for your reply. Yes, I read that same article. Today we are fortunate that we can Google just about anything to get information. I was just curious about other ostomate's personal experiences with B-12. We can read hundreds of articles but it's not the same as coming "from the horse's mouth". Take care.  


Sharon ... I've been injecting myself with the Cy one for 25 years now monthly. It seems to be keeping my B12 in check.


My physician suggested I switch from cyanocobalamin by injection to methylcobalamin which is taken under the tongue. The reason for the switch is that the injectable contains cyanide, [thus the name, cyanocobalamin]. We now have the technology to produce a sublingual form. The reason one needs the sublingual form, not the oral form, is if the appendix has been removed by surgery, the person can no longer produce something called intrinsic factor (produced in the appendix). Intrinsic factor is needed in order to absorb B12 when ingested orally. Since some of us no longer have our appendix or intrinsic factor, taking it orally would be a waste because we cannot absorb it. The sublingual route gets it directly into the bloodstream, thus obviating the need for intrinsic factor.

Reply to Mme. Fleurie

Hello everyone, thank you so much for the helpful and informative information. I was thinking in that direction and you confirmed my thoughts. I ordered some high-quality sublingual B-12 from a compound pharmacy yesterday. Blessings, Rhonda

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