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Ostomy Memories of Divas


MY AFFLATUS TODAY: THE DIVAS THAT HAVE ALWAYS FASCINATED ME. Diana Ross, Renée Fleming, Whitney Houston, Shirley Bassey, to name a few prominent ones. Then add Aretha Franklin, Maria Callas, Patsy Cline, Stevie Nicks, Dolly Parton, all golden voices. Does one have to have a great voice to become a diva? Ask Janis Joplin, or Cher. All these ladies have the ability to enthrall an audience, and their music certainly enthralled me over the years. Diana Ross, for instance, was just 1 ½ years younger than me, and all through the Sixties I swooned over her wonderful sweet voice. If I had ever had the good fortune to be alone in the same room with her, I likely would have passed out from the pressure of my fantasy. Both Dolly Parton (who wrote it) and Whitney Houston recorded “I Will Always Love You.” There is no way to determine which is better, since they are both out of this world. As for the opera stars, Fleming has the sweeter soprano and Callas the stronger. Both incomparable. There are some subjects that resist being evaluated and listed in any kind of meaningful order, and that is so for the great divas of our time. Notwithstanding observable differences, each has to be judged individually, and each grades out at A+.

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You left out the hippy girls, Buffy Saint Marie, Joany Mitchel, Ann Murry. 

Reply to xnine

I knew I'd forget someone.  Thanks, Xnine.


Splendid line of Divas here though usually we think of that word in an operatic context. The lady who has to sing before the curtain descends and things come to an end. Anyway the list contains the ultimate Diva, perhaps the others can be termed Pop Divas. How much pleasure and entertainment they did bring to so many. Amazing how Maria Callas and her incomparable voice captivated millions over the years. Those unique tones seem to hit you from all directions all at once. Utterly charming and beautiful and those eyes!


hello HenryM.

I do like your logic of people being incomparable and your grading system. I could never come to grips with the concept of people with talent being pitted against each other as if there was some meaningful way of ascertaininig who is 'best'.  Each individual has unique qualities and abilities which I can appreciate without making comparisons.

Best wishes



Hi Henry,  Let's not forget Celine Dion!  The theme song from Titanic still send chills down my spine.  Probably my favourite female singer, who I doubt would even like being called a diva, is Bonnie Raitt.  It's interesting that you included Stevie Nicks on your list.  I wouldn't disagree, but I would also add her bandmate, the very much underrated Christine McVie.  Great topic!



You hit it again Henry .  My " stuck in my head "  Diva ( of sorts ) is Sinead O'Connor . She had and still has ( almost as good )  the voice of an Angel .  The only voice ever to bring a tear to my eyes . Her rendition of  " Nothing compares to You "  ( written by Prince I believe ?)  Sends shivers down my spine every single time I hear it . The emotion she brings to those words  is just so gutwrenching  and now for me so personal  I can't hear it without  tearing up . 

   Diana Ross ...oh yes , she is also special for me . When I left Ireland  I had a Girlfriend , a Very British   very beautiful girl who lived in  Putney , London . Keep in mind this was at the peak time of IRA ( Irish Republican Army "  ) activity  , bombing campaign in London . She was / is ? A Very Protestant British Girl  and I  was a Quite Catholic ( never overly religious )  Young Irish guy with hair past my shoulders and a beard , about 17 / 18 . Yrs.   Were were often stopped and questioned by Police , detectives and Bobbies  , taking us aside separately  and questioned .  We were crazy in love  !!  My last trip to her home in London was very emotional because I had the tickets for New York and would soon be on the other side of  " The Pond " . I knew I would not be back for a long time .  Well we spent that last night holding each othrr in bed and listening to  " Touch me in the morning "  by Diva Diana and cryed half the night . Her Mom   , first time I met her   , told me straight up ..." I do Not like Irish people "  . I had asked her to give me a chance  and wer were good buddies after that .

   Denise ran down the street after my bus with mascara running down her pretty face   and I never saw her again although we wrote for quite a while .

 Just my little story Henry .

Later Dude ...


Don't forget Tina turner


Oh  ...yeaaaa  Baby....!! 🤗


Hi Henry,  Still thinking about your diva list.  Another not to be forgotten is Annie Lennox, a beautiful and powerful voice!  I thought I would relate my own Diana Ross story.  I was a huge Supremes fan but of course, never got to see them.  By the time Diana Ross went solo, I must have been around 15 or 16.  She went on tour and played The Cave in Vancouver.  It was what was referred to as a "supper club" in those days, very fancy and very alien to a kid like me.  Because it was a licensed establishment, I couldn't have gone unless accompanied by an adult.  My Dad said he would take me!  I was amazed!  It was just the two of us, at a table right in front of the stage.  I remember a comedian "opened" for her and I didn't understand any of his jokes.  Then Diana came on and she had me spellbound for the next 45 minutes or so. She had such presence and such talent.  I will never forget that night.  I also felt very grown up sitting there drinking the one and only Shirley Temple I've ever had in my life. 




Hi Terry , how could I forget Annie Lennox !!!!  the voice of an angel and her music got to the heart of so many issues. I think next to Sinead O'Connor she is one of the best . The emotion they bring to music is just amazing .



I nearly forgot the amazing candy statin, Phyllis Nelson and Jennifer Rush xx

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