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Howdy Gang! Remember me? How is everyone???


Hey Ostomates..........sorry for my absence!!  But thanks for all the messages and emails!!  No, nothing bad has happened, just always really busy this time of the year.  Got to get the farm ready for winter and I'm by just tons to do and not much time to do it. But I got hay put up this past week and I closed the pool I'm on the downside of the fight now.....and will have more time to join in all the fun here.  I hope everyone is doing well!  I see I got a LOT of posts to catch up on!!!

So what did I miss??  I got an email from Mountain saying he was tired of the BS on here and was I need to see what that was all about.  And I hear he's not the only one looking for the OUT door!  What the heck have you people been talking about?? Was it about the Commies running the country???  It can't be that because as everyone out there knows.........if Fake News doesn't report it.......then we're doing just fine!  Were you guys talking about getting tired of winning here in the US.......because this past year it's just been win, win, win, right!!!  I mean....the border mess that's still raging, energy independence gone, the price of everything skyrocketing, the debt (what debt?), leaving half our military equipment in the sandbox last week, COVID lockdowns coming, win, win! But one is saying anything bad about immigrants or it's all good!!  Hmmmm.........what could you folks have been talking about that's pissed off so many fine folks???? I said, doing well.  Making progress on the red weepy skin, but not the way I'd like.  I'll cover it all in a seperate post's been comical at best, so you'll enjoy the read.  Summer is gone and it's now Fall here in Maryland, the best time of the year!  Went to a nice big tractor pull this past weekend, and we have our county fair in 2 weeks.......and it's pretty much back to normal around here, which is a much welcomed thing.  Let's see....what else.....oh, I had to threaten the Docs and hospital with a lawsuit to keep them from listing my Mom's cause of death as COVID related, since it wasn' that was fun.........and how my Mom beat COVID in 3 days, when it should have killed her, will be another good read.  Oh, and I'll tell you all about the online dating world, especially Zoosk, and why you should avoid that site at all costs, ostomate or not!  Man, I better get much to tell!!!  

Ok, with that I'm gone.  Thanks again for all the guys ROCK!!  Now where did that damn pen......................



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Glad you're back, and your ranch/farm is ready for the change. I love the Fall, too. Seems everyone comes together and enjoy the simpler things. 
you've been missed. 


Welcome back Bob! We missed you! Glad you're doing well!



Good to hear from you Bob and that all is ok! Well everyone always pitches in to answer many questions so I think it went well but you were missed. Have a great week! Mike


Hi Bob glad to see your back and i hear you about getting things done before winter, i will mow the grass one more time then put the mowers away after prepping them for winter and get my snow blowers out and prep them for winter, then the trimming of shrubbery and so on.  


Missed your humor!

You would LOL at my city girl apartment living 'getting ready for winter' routine.

Heck I'm laughing myself after reading what you had to do. 

Welcome back!

E& I

Reply to ron in mich

Ron, my man.......DON'T even mention the "S"'s waaaay to early to think about such nasty things.  But I hear it gets damn cold early up your best you get ready.  I was talking to someone the other day about the upcoming winter.  We both noticed that the squirrels, which are usually really active gathering up acorns and nuts, are still just playing around......making us think we're going to have a mild winter here in MD.  Now you guys don't know what a mild winter is.......but maybe you'll get a break this year.  Maybe.  Of course those squirrels could just be f&*king with maybe I better fire up my snow blower soon.......just to be safe!  Thanks for the suggestion!!




Welcome Back Bob !


Welcom back Bob! 
Good to see all is well with you! I have not been on much so I am not sure what has happened. I do not read any post of those that tend to Go liberal but I thought those have been very quiet lately. With good reason I suspect! Lol Maybe those posts are just in the long list of not read! Who knows! This new design with there being a months worth of posts without the ability to delete has me running! I cannot stand the mess and cannot keep up with what I have read and what I have not read! I just check to see if anyone needs some help and if not, i am out of here!

Take care,



Hi Pup,

I wish administration would change it back! It is annoying to have to read all posts to delete them. Ugh 😑 


Seems to be an improvement on the site. Now when I read a post, just that post gets lighter and the unread ones stay dark! Thanks Admin but please give me my delete option back! I do not want to read all of those posts! 


Hi all i kinda like the new set up like pup said i know which posts i,ve read and the rest i click on mark all as read, i dont worry about deleting what i,ve read i figure admins will eventually delete the oldest. 


So good to hear from you, Bob. Even happier reading your take on how wonderful things are. Win,win,win! You got it! The border between Trenton and Hamilton, NJ is being improved by new blacktop, rich people are skyrocketing along with prices, we might use coal again ‘cause we can't afford the other stuff we once provided to ourselves, leaving a couple billion dollars worth of weaponry, etc. for our Middle East Friends, it's just so good. Not to mention how great we're doing with the justice system, equality, teaching history to our kids and, especially COVID. I guess I just wasn't looking at stuff correctly. I'm gonna try to put on a huge smile after the pain from slamming my head against the wall goes away.
Can't wait for more GREAT news.
Thanks, Bob,

Reply to iMacG5

Hi Mike,

  If I didn't know you better I'd say you're being cynical (wink, wink, nod, nod)!  But you haven't seen anything yet......we got 3+ more years of this stuff.....and it's only going to get better.  But as long as none of it gets reported in the lame-stream media........and social media can keep censoring out any dissent........we'll all be fat, dumb and happy as we go off the cliff.  Just don't look down and you won't feel a thing!  

  The best thing about the current political climate is that one party now controls both houses of Congress and the Executive Office.  So there's no hiding behind the other party as we go forward.  If things become great.........they get all the credit, and deservedly so.  But if things go tits up, as they seem to be doing.........they get ALL the blame.  So it will be a very telling next few years.  And if Americans then ignore the's pretty much over for us as a country.  So I guess there's no real need to talk about it and argue.......the proof will be in the pudding fairly quickly.  We can all just sit back and enjoy the show.  Pass the popcorn please...........

  As for the embarrasing debacle of the 'withdrawl' from Afghanistan.......working for the Department of Defense we talk about it a lot, and what the ramifications of that idiotic decision will be.  There's going to be a lot of 'discussion' coming regarding that mistake, but just imagine what the media would be saying if the previous President had cut bait and run like that (and didn't coordinate with our Allies and partners in the region).  Standard Operating Procedure for a military withdrawl is to remove as much equipment as possible, and then destroy in place anything that cannot be removed.  We not only DIDN'T do that........we left the keys in the ignition and the owner's manual on the seat for our enemies.  Just imagine what would be happening right now if the previous President had done that!!!  Yeah, he'd be fighting charges of treason, and rightly so.  But with Sleepy as President........uhhh, not so much.  So go figure.  But it's ok.......every day he's in office he screws something else up......even if the media won't cover it or ask any questions, so eventually it'll be so obvious even they won't be able to hide it. 

  But hey, as long as we're all driving electric cars by 2035 it'll all be worth it.  Unless some idiot leaks pics of the massive strip mines needed to get the lithium for all the batteries, or worse, all the destructive mining needed for the rare-earth elements for the magnets in all those electric cars' motors.  I'm sure social media will change the names of those elements to "abundantly common Earth elements" and no one will be the wiser. And hey, as long as most of that destructive mining occurs in China they only need to censor those satellite images of the huge gouges in the earth's surface that will be easily seen from outer space. It's not like the UFO aliens are going to care, and maybe China needs some more big lakes to grow fish in.  Then we can import our fish from them too, as there isn't much left we don't rely on them to produce for us.  I did briefly look into how difficult it will be to learn Chinese at my age..........and it's gonna be a bitch......they write with symbols!!!  Guess I'll just move to Italy and look up some old family members.  The hard part will be getting all the silver I've been stockpiling over there since the US dollar will soon become worthless.  Maybe I should call my 3rd cousin Gino over there and start sending it in small parcels.  Just don't know if I can really trust Gino......he's Sicilian!!!!  

  Ok Mike, I gotta run.  Chin up and keep smiling!  I used to live in Ewing, so I know of the border of which you speak..........sure miss the old stomping ground.  Next time you're in Pennington swing by Wildflower's Inn on Rt 31........the pizza is awesome!  Just don't get the onion pizza.......they hide the unions UNDER the cheese!  YUK! And if Timmy is still bartending just drop my name and he'll give you a cold one on me.  I wonder what my tab is up to by now???

Later Bro,



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