Seeking advice on Fatty Liver, Enlarged Spleen, and Contracted Gallbladder

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The forum discussion is about a person experiencing various digestive issues, including fatty liver, enlarged spleen, contracted gallbladder, and black stools, seeking advice and support from other forum members.


Does anyone have any of the following:

Fatty liver, enlarged spleen, and contracted gallbladder?

I also have no valves on my stomach, and I'm digesting quickly, and the stools are black. The stoma output comes out quite quickly after eating, and it seems what I eat doesn't digest?

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Hi Dave,

Now hold on there're throwing a lot of stuff out there all at once. What do you mean you have no valves in your stomach? Are you saying both your esophageal sphincter and pyloric sphincter have been removed? Or are you thinking the pyloric isn't working properly? Normally when Crohn's involves the pyloric (which is pretty darn rare) it causes swelling and constriction, resulting in blockage, not the opposite like you're saying. But not having a pyloric would result in 'dumping syndrome', which combined with an ostomy of any type wouldn't be a good thing. There's that. Black stools are usually indicative of blood in your stool.........which can come from ulcers, but those are usually accompanied by lots of pain, nausea, vomiting.....etc. Also consider that anytime your bowels are inflamed.....for whatever passes quickly through without being absorbed. So not sure what you have going on there, but it doesn't sound trivial. Enlarged spleen could be a couple things.....and the gallbladder is typically contracted when releasing bile........which could also be why you think you're not digesting properly. Sounds like you've got a lot going on, and they are most likely interrelated. So your best bet is to find a good Doc who can look at all those pieces of the puzzle and figure out what's going on. I'm not sure how the medical system works on your side of the you have access to a good gastro? I'd be expedient about meeting with him/her.........even if it's just a tele-visit they can start to get this sorted. If you don't have access to anyone let me know and I'll do some more digging and make some calls to some medical friends.



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Reply to w30bob

I had a camera down to the stomach a few years back and they said I got a gord with no values on my stomach.

I've seen a Dr and had scans. I'm going to have a talk with the specialist tomorrow. They want to rule out gallbladder cancer and see if I got stones.

They booked me in for an MRI.

Reply to w30bob

Bob... You should really consider being a doctor. Your theories and input have been spot on every time. I have discussed with my array of specialists many of your inputs and they have agreed. Thanks, Dr. Bob.



I had my gallbladder removed years ago. My spleen was not nicked when I got an ileostomy, so I don't have that either. Stool can be black from what you eat or drink sometimes.


Hi Dave, well you asked so yes I have a gallbladder that was scheduled to be removed 7 years ago. Due to high doses of prednisone, the surgeon would not touch me. I have a new surgeon that I see on the first. We will discuss his fixing the botched job the last guy did. I could have been reconnected that day, go figure why he didn't. And he will be removing my gallbladder. I also have fatty liver disease and have no idea what to do about that. The other I do not have. I also have GERD which sometimes is bad and most times not.

Is the stool coming out quickly new? My doctor tested my stool and I had C. diff. Nausea and vomiting and not feeling so good. But 10 days on vancomycin and I feel a lot better. Here is the one way to know if you have C. diff... your stool smell will gag you and it will be yellow, orange or gold or mix the three. Then after vancomycin, it turned black. Now it is back to normal...

I shall pray for you...

God bless



Thank you all for the support


That's what keeps us sane. We are here for everyone

Reply to Ritz

Now Ritz........if I was a doctor I'd have to charge you........and I'd be VERY expensive!! Seriously, thank you for the kind words, but despite me frequently bashing docs......they are much smarter than I'll ever be. At least the good ones........the bad ones can be downright morons......which I hope I'm at least slightly above intellectually. There's actually a wealth of info on all health subjects on this wonderful world-wide Web, one just has to look at more than one source and determine what they're really trying to say. It's hard to imagine that just a few short years ago we had to believe whatever our docs told us without question, as we had no other sources to check........and now we can make a few clicks and all the world's knowledge is at our fingertips. Although few use is truly amazing!



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Hi Dave,

Glad you're getting scanned. GORD is what we in the States call acid reflux, and is caused by the upper esophageal valve not closing properly. I don't think you could have lived this long without one entirely, so I'm guessing they meant it wasn't working properly. There's a lot of things that can happen in the esophagus if left untreated, from ulcers to cancer, so no sense guessing........the scan should narrow it down. Let us know how the MRI goes..........we're all pullin' for ya!!



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