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Ostomy Memories of Time

Mon Nov 08, 2021 3:58 am
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THE CONCEPT OF TIME IS A TOTALLY ARBITRARY CONSTRUCT. Horology, the study and measurement of time, includes such varied people as the watch repairman in Kanab, Utah, who replaced some inner part in my watch to keep it running, and Benjamin Franklin, who spent a lot of time thinking about how to get people to take better advantage of their waking day. “Lost time is never found again,” said Old Ben. But Franklin wasn’t responsible for the notion of daylight saving time, the artificial daylight lengthening concept that just ended the other day. The idea is to give us more day time to enjoy life during spring, summer, and fall before it turns dark and, not incidentally, spend money in the process, so you can bet that the business world is sorry to see us “fall back.” Yet even daylight saving time doesn’t provide us with more time, for we mere humans are not in charge of that. What we get is the illusion of more time and, what the hell, perhaps that’s just as good. It’s just that we ought to do our best not to waste it, ‘cause it’s the only time we’re going to get. Waiting in line, for instance, seems a waste of time, but who’s to say what’s a waste and what’s not? “The time you enjoy wasting,” said Bertrand Russell, “is not wasted time.” That makes me feel less guilty about all the time that I spend playing Scrabble on line against the computer, and I don’t need daylight saving time for that. I can do it in the dark.

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1. Dating and relationships
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5. Pouch ballooning

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Mon Nov 08, 2021 5:31 am

Hello HenryM.
Thank you for yet another great and somewhat philosophical subject to ponder.
Needless to say, such a fundamental concept has been contemplated before, so there is no need to rack my brain to come up with another verse to cover it. Although, I do occasionally look back on some of my rhymes and think that they need updating.
Best wishes


Life is unpredictable
A path from birth to death.
It’s surely unforgivable.
Not to use our every breath.

Our time is very limited.
Upon this mortal coil.
It would be quite unmerited
If any time was spoiled.

Let us try to analyse.
How all our time is spent.
How we tend to rationalise.
When, where and why it went.

I prefer the term, ‘time-SPENT’.
It feels like time’s invested.
‘Waste’ is more a non-event.
Some time, somehow detested.

As precious time glides quickly by.
Each minute counts, they say.
I start to ask for reasons why.
My time has slipped away.

As I look at time some more.
It soon occurs to me.
When you’re young you’ve time galore.
So ‘spend it wild and free.

Years have flown and you have grown .
And now you ponder on.
All you’ve done and all you’ve known.
And all the time that’s gone.

I can’t regenerate my time.
Thus, I became aware.
That others’ try to spend what’s ‘mine’.
And do not seem to care.

The way that people pass their time.
Inevitably portrays.
How far they fall, how high they climb.
With all their wishful ways.

For some, their whole life is spent.
Doing what their told.
They live their lives in discontent.
They’re rarely ‘self’-controlled.

Other people try so hard.
To please their fellow man.
They fail to sort their own back yard.
Their own life’s down the pan.

People do the weirdest things.
In time they might revile.
They’ll even go to strange meetings.
That clearly weren’t worthwhile

I must be a bit more careful.
In future use of time.
To make it much more purposeful.
I’ll keep on writing rhyme.

All those little rhyming verses.
Clear concepts clasped within.
Those inspired by hate or curses.
Or by love and sin.

Rhyme has a sense of timelessness.
So when I’m long since gone.
With a bit of hopefulness.
My rhymes might linger on.

                          B. WITHERS 2007
(pp.62-63 in: ‘Contemplation’ 2010)

Mon Nov 08, 2021 5:13 pm

Hi Henry,  I don't remember who coined the expression, "time well wasted", but I've always loved it.  It sometimes describes large portions of my day!

We here in B.C. are waiting for the rest of the west coast, California, Oregon and Washington state to do away with daylight savings time.  Our government has promised that we will follow suit.  I'm not holding my breath.



Tue Nov 09, 2021 1:39 am

Hi Terri

The UK has been talking about stopping the change for a few years but not happened yet. Xx

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