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I’M IN DEEP DOO-DOO. WHILE I WAS IN THE SHOWER, it occurred to me that two of the most persistent and significant questions of humankind involve chickens. I’ve gone ‘round the bend, I guess. But just think about it… There are no more important ontological issues in our lifetime than: (1) Which came first, the chicken or the egg? (2) Why did the chicken cross the road? I’m guessing that many of you hadn’t fully realized the historical, perhaps even biblical, significance of this noble bird (Gallus gallus domesticus). I am determined not to permit these crucial questions go unanswered any longer. In fact, I have the answer to (2). It’s so obvious as to be beyond dispute. Our good friend Lovely was kind enough to supply me with the answer months ago, and she ought to know. THE CHICKEN CROSSED THE ROAD TO PROVE TO THE POSSUM THAT IT COULD BE DONE. Now, the answer to question (1) is not so readily attainable, but I have hit upon a foolproof way to gain the answer. I went on Amazon, from whom one can purchase anything. I ordered a chicken, and I ordered an egg. Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? I’ll let you know. [Next week we can talk about which is better, the white meat or the dark meat.]


I thought the chicken crossed the road to get to the other side. As to what came first, I would have assumed it to be the male chicken. Lol XX

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Hello HenryM.

Thank you for sharing your 'shower' thoughts, and I look forward to hearing which comes first from Amazon. However, I suspect that they will probably come together - so the question will remain unanswered.

Nonetheless, I did not want to pass up the opportunity of putting my mind to the questions raised and ponder on whether I should adopt the Edward Lear type (nonsense) approach. Unfortunately, I am not so adept at that sort of rhyme, so I will stick to what I know best. 

Best wishes



The answer to this question begs
to question chickens and their eggs,
and yet such questions never can
be answered by the likes of man.

Yet man can pose these questions where
there are few answers we may share
because it is nonsensical,
technical, yet farcical.

Those who look back in history
may think they’ll solve this mystery
by quoting evolution and
pretend that they can understand.

Despite what clever people say,
the truth does not emerge this way,
for each time there’s a theory
it raises other queries.

I like the thought that questions asked,
may motivate folks to be tasked
to seek some answers and therefore
increase the knowledge of before.

But asking silly questions will
invite some silly answers ‘till
we’re overwhelmed with stupid stuff
and finding ‘truth’ becomes quite tough.

Maybe we should be asking why
humans’ often seem to try
to make out they’re superior
when often they’re inferior.

Perhaps the basic question is
why is the earth coming amiss?
and why are humans so damned thick
they’ve let it get catastrophic?

                                B. Withers 2021



It's pretty clear who came first. We bought Buff Orpington chicks in August and here it is December and we have to wait perhaps till March before our first GD egg. Obviously, the egg does not come first! But they are like pets at this time... Once you name them...

Reply to Caz67

I know the saying about "to get to the other side" is the first saying. But the saying about "to show the possum it could be done" comes from us country folks because on our country roads, you see a lot of possums in the roads that have gotten run over.

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The chicken came first. The animals were loaded into the ark before the flood two by two so there would have been a male and a female.

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