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Ostomy Memories of Barking Dogs

Sat Nov 27, 2021 4:14 am
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THE ONLY THING WORSE THAN BIG DOGS that bark is little dogs that bark. Somehow that higher pitched yip, yip of the small dog pierces one’s head more effectively than the lower woof, woof of the large dog. Some days, as I’m sitting in my den, and I hear loud barking coming from down the street, I know exactly what’s happening. The guy around the corner with the two poodles is walking past the house with the three tiny dogs, who are venting their miniature canine frustrations at the larger dogs that, in response, are barking back. Years ago, I had the misfortune of living next door to a family with several large dogs that, most of the time, were quiet. But every Sunday evening, when the neighbors went off to wherever it was they went, these dogs went bananas and howled and barked continuously. I set up a tape recorder next to the fence and taped their yowling one evening. The following day, I called the neighbor and played the tape for them. They hung up on me and I was left considering my next move which, only in my wildest fantasy, involved rat poison in hotdogs tossed over the fence. My last dog, a dachshund, barked occasionally, but not enough to be bothersome. Even with the barking, however, I have to agree with Andy Rooney’s comment: “The average dog is nicer than the average person.”

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Sat Nov 27, 2021 9:12 am

Hello HenryM. 

As I was reading your latest post, it occurred to me that I could agree with you and share about the time we had a similar experience with a so-called guard dog that was in a yard next door to us. In essence, it was not a guard dog at all, but simply lonely. When we went round to talk to it, there was no sign of aggression and it stopped barking immediately.

That snippet of information was not really what I was going to say; I am trying to tidy-up a couple of books where some of my rhymes have been placed in the wrong book, and I came across the rhyme below, which places 'noise' in the category of 'pollution'. 

All too frequently nowadays, I forget what I have recently written until I come to proof-read.

Best wishes




In the court there is an edict
that very few would contradict,
because it offers folk the ‘right’
to keep their mouths shut good and tight.

And, in this sense, it’s relevant -
to have the ‘right’ to remain silent,
for with this right, protections come,
so those less-able won’t succumb.

But I would like this theme extended
way beyond what was intended,
so ‘rights’ of others are protected
in line with what would be expected.

Thus, I would change the law so it
protects us all from noisy gits,
and this law would give ‘us’ the ‘right’
to silence, through both day and night.

This is a way that a solution
could be found for noise pollution,
so, instead of noise ‘normality’
it should mean criminality.

The decree that protects accused,
could be adapted and then used
to protect the innocent
and keep pollutants more silent.

Whilst accused folk now have the right
within whatever courtroom fight,
to stay as silent as they wish
we too, want rid of noise anguish.

So, what about a law to say
that ‘all’ polluters should now pay,
and this would include those whose noise-
our own potential peace destroys.


NOISE POLLUTION! (- - - continued)

This noise pollution, I equate
with all things that contaminate,
and in my rhymes I oft’ propose
that we should stand up and oppose.

Pollution is a selfish act
of those who feel it is a fact
that they, and only they, should be
the ones who claim that they are ‘free’

Free to do just as they please;
free to harm other folks with ease;
free to bully and put–on;
free to play their games and con.

It’s never been coincidence
that most pollution incidents
are perpetrated in the name
of profit and the money game.

The noise of chainsaws, guns, and such
may not mean so very much,
‘til we begin to understand
what lies behind the underhand.

Noise from all sorts of industries
will trouble not rich dynasties,
as long as they make money, they
don’t mind if other’s have to pay.

Cars and trucks and trains and planes
are all polluters, and are pains
for anyone who has to live
in the pollution that they give.

We live in a society
where the great impropriety,
is gross inconsideration,
not doing things in moderation.

                                   B. Withers 2021


Sat Nov 27, 2021 4:15 pm

Barking is how dogs communicate. A bored or lonely dog will bark or be destructive. In my experience, pedigreed dogs do not bark without a reason or can be taught not to bark. Non-pedigreed ones bark at anything even shadows. Excessive barking can get the owner in trouble with the law in the UK or the US. No such laws exist where I am. My dogs don't bark usually without a good reason and that is why we always check when they do bark.

Sun Nov 28, 2021 3:53 am

Barking dogs seldom bite is a truism, just like people who hurl random threats are usually harmless. A still and rigid doggie with its ears lowered and hackles raised is a more serious issue. I would rather be confronted by a man with a firearm than a beast in that position. Macy's the department store in New York City had four Doberman Pinschers patrol its 20 floors at night. In the daytime they were kept on the roof. One day they got into a fight and when their handler intervened they turned on him. They would have reduced him to a neat meatball if that experienced person hadn't got away in time. Some people deliberately turn their dog into an aggressive creature. Strange methods are employed in creating some guard dogs, beatings and being tied up in a dark room and having things thrown at them at odd hours is one of them. Handling such dogs is a very difficult task, in many cases they turn on their masters. Such guard dogs should only be in the custody of the Marines, the Police or the Army.

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