2022 Resolutions: Prioritizing Family, Friends, and Caravan Adventures!

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Okay, my friends, it's that time of the year again where we make resolutions and don't stick to them for one reason or another. Has anyone thought about what their 2022 resolution will be? Mine is to spend more time with family and friends and also enjoy life more by going to my little caravan I bought last year at Skegness. What, if any, have you decided to do? XX

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Hi Caz, I stopped making New Year's resolutions years ago. LOL But if I think about it, I want more joy in my life. So that will be my New Year goal...to follow my bliss.


Hello Caz.
I tend not to follow the traditions that have set New Year as the 1st of January. (as I also don't take too much notice of the assertion that the year is a paltry 2022, for my time frame is completely different to that!) My New Year began this year on the 21st of December with the winter equinox, when daylight hours start to get longer in the Northern hemisphere.
As for resolutions, this is another tradition that eludes me, along with 'celebrating' anniversaries. My philosophy allows me to make ‘aims’ at any time of the year and all year long and, as I have been doing this for many years, there are not many new ones I need to contemplate.
I do not label my aspirations as 'resolutions' but as AIMS. This way it is not a process of hit/miss; win/lose; succeed/fail, but more of a concept whereby if, at anytime, I don't quite hit the target. I can simply move on and try again later without feeling any (or not much) guilt or remorse.

‘AIMS’ that I made years ago are still relevant to my life today. Once I reached the stage of 'contentment' in my life, there was really not much point in trying to change it too much in my visions for the future.
I suppose if I was to share my latest cogitations about potential directions in life it would reflect in one of my latest rhymes below: For, in there somewhere, you will see my rationale for everybody’s potential aims – including my own. :

Best wishes


I wish I would wake up one day
to see all troubles drift away,
and finally there’d be no war
like it always was before.

I wish I would wake up to find
all people in the world were kind,
and finally we’d get along
because we’d find there was no wrong.

I wish I would wake up to see
happy humans who are free,
and finally we’d have no strife
and everyone could live a life.

I wish I would wake up where there
were only people who would care,
and finally we’d all be friends
for that could be where my dream ends.

I wish I would wake up to view
all humans, genuine and true,
then finally all past deceit
would not be able to repeat.

I wish I would wake up one morn
and nobody would look forlorn,
and finally there were no poor
and needy people evermore.

I wish I would wake up where we
were living in true harmony,
where humans’ sacrificed their greed
to cater for the greater need.

I wish I could wake up the world
to see that kindnesses unfurled,
would make the world an interface
where everything could find a space.

I wish that I would wake up and
all the world would understand
that unkindness is a no-no,
and kindness is the way to go.

                                  Be Withers 2021

How to Manage Emotions with LeeAnne Hayden | Hollister
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Hi Caz, I don't make resolutions as I likely would forget whatever I made one for. I just try to live life the best I can and deal with the ups and downs as they present themselves. Happy New Year.

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I don't make New Year resolutions either. I do try to wake up each day with a positive outlook.


To go somewhere I've never been, do something I've never done, and meet someone I've never met. Oh, and to not get arrested.

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Hi Bill, a perfect poem. It very much reminds me of the lyrics to "Imagine" by John Lennon. Not bad company to be in?

All the best in the new year,



Hi Caz, I don't make them either, but if I did, my resolution for 2022 for myself would be to stay out of the hospital!! Enough already.



Fingers crossed for you Terry xx


I plan to just try to do better each day.

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Ditto Alex.


To rethink my life, looking with a new viewpoint and not just stick to the same old routine. Give you results next New Year's Day!

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My husband and I, when we were first married (30 years ago!), put together a list of 1-year, 5-year, and 10-year goals - something to stretch ourselves so we wouldn't get into too many ruts and mindless routines. Some we accomplished, some we didn't, and some we exchanged for different goals as we went forward through life. All in all, I think we can look back over that goal list with a general feeling of satisfaction for what we accomplished.

Ever since I got cancer in 2011, life has thrown enough curveballs at us that we have since spent most of our time like Alice's Red Queen - "running as fast as we can just to stay in one place"! Strangely enough, just recently we have found ourselves in a place where we can finally take a deep breath, look around, and start making a new goals list for the future.

It started with telling my boss I was backing down my work hours to only 12 hours a week, so I can take more time for me, my husband, and my family. Next was to set a goal of dragging the camper out of mothballs (so to speak) and go camping at least 1-2 times per month from May through October. (We hadn't been since before I got sick.) We're still working on the rest of the goals, although my husband has a goal to finish putting together his motorcycle this summer. He bought a Honda CX500, some assembly required. The former owner had literally taken the thing to pieces to modify it into a cafe racer, and only got as far as disassembly, and cutting off the frame to make it a bob-tail. We brought it home in 9 boxes, 2 wheels, the frame, seat, and gas tank. Dear hubby has got as far as painting the frame bright red (because, RED!) before the weather got a little too cool for working on it outside. This summer for sure!

Anyway, goals ongoing. I like "goals" better than "resolutions", because if you don't accomplish a resolution, it feels too much like failure. If you don't complete a goal, it's often because you have changed it for a better one that fits your life better, or it's a longer-term item that can't be done in just one year.

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